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I recently decided to start posting updates on DTA 1.11's progress more actively and have been doing so (along with Rampastring) at DTA's official website since the past month. A decent number of updates have accumulated already, so I'll summarize them in one post.

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I recently decided to start posting updates on DTA 1.11's progress more actively and have been doing so (along with Rampastring) at DTA's official website since the past month. A decent number of updates have been posted already, so I'll try to keep this post summarized as possible.

To start off, DTA 1.11 has newly made water cliffs for the desert theater.

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Thanks to a hack from CCHyper the tiberium now gets affected by lighting just like all other terrain.

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On the left is what it originally looked right and on the right is with the hack; as you can see this is a tremendous improvement for how tiberium looks on darker maps.

I converted several terrain objects between theaters to increase the options mappers have to detail their maps with.

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Also the new LATs I made give mappers extra options for detailing their maps.

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This is just one out of six new LATs I posted on DTA's front page.

The GUI's layout and graphics have been redone.

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As you can see in this image the minimap is now much bigger and more detailed. There are in fact different GUIs and the one you get depends on whichever screen resolution you've selected in the launcher... what launcher?

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This launcher; it was originally made by Nyerguds as a setup tool mainly for switching between my different GUIs, but it was later on further developed into a launcher by Rampastring. The launcher is capable of automatically updating DTA to the most recent version, which will make it a lot easier for me to release bug fixes/updates in the future, meaning you won't be having to spend ages to see one little thing fixed anymore.

And finally... Singleplayer missions. People have been asking for a remade TD campaign and no, there won't be a remade TD campaign included with DTA 1.11's release. It takes a lot of work and time to get such missions done properly after all (especially considering the amount of missions the TD campaign had), but maybe the mappers will be able to pull it off eventually (considering the workload however, and the fact few are actually interested in remaking the TD campaign, some extra help might be necessary).

User Posted Image

Never the less, DTA 1.11 will come with some singleplayer missions. "The Toxic Diversion", made by Rampastring, is a campaign existing out of 4 missions which can play drastically different depending on the choices you've made during the first missions. Aside from this, missions in the same fashion as TD's "new missions" might appear later on; so far one of such missions has been included already, namely "Under Sige II" by ReFlex (much like TD's "Under Siege", with the main difference that you're playing as GDI instead of Nod).

Visit DTA's website to read everything above in more detail, along with a lot more images.

Lucífer - - 3,393 comments

It'd be fun to help with remaking the TD campaign maps especially with all the cool features available to detail the maps with.

I'm curious if you'd be interested in a form of 'Risk' type mode. When you think about the map of Europe or Africa during the campaign and how they were highlighted it'd be quite interesting to see how it'd be gameplay-wise.

Perhaps going the extra mile by making it possible to jump into the game. Very similar to what was added onto one of the later C&Cs, the downside with the later C&Cs version was how it felt like a sandbox of Rome: Total War and its lack of Risk features. (Like country boarders)

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Bittah_Commander Author
Bittah_Commander - - 848 comments

I'm going to be honest with you... I have no idea what you mean =P
Could you elaborate a little more?

In any case, extra help is always welcome, although I need to know if you have any experience with making maps for Tiberian Sun already or not. Considering the amount of terrain that has been added to detail maps with (along with overlay, terrain objects and light posts), the average quality of maps has gone up since DTA 1.10 quite a bit and a couple maps that were in DTA 1.10 ended up having to be removed because it it.
Still, if you're experienced with making detailed maps for Tiberian Sun, you'd surely also be able to manage with DTA.

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Packer - - 494 comments

Can't wait to get my dirty hands on the next update, looking great.

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Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

I wouldn't mind attempting to recreate a few of the Campaign maps...But the thing is I'm very lazy and would probably lose interest. xD

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Trailhog250 - - 714 comments

I don't see why to remake the campaign... That's a lot of work when the graphics will be mostly the same among other things. Why duplicate a campaign and get the same thing? Not so sound negative but coming from a C&C mapper that makes no sense to me and I think Bittah made a good choice buy NOT trying to re-create it. If you want TD campaign... Go play TD maybe? Just as fun today as it was 16 years ago...

I like what's being done with the missions now. Good work DTA team.

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