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In my last post yesterday @titeuf85 mentioned that the demo of The Dark Army: Uprising would be released today. And now it’s released!

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1 Description

2 How To Play

Unlike before, you must own the original game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein™, to play. Recommended installation process is described right below — please, follow these instructions:

  1. Install Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ on your computer (Steam, GOG…).
  2. Extract anywhere on your computer.
  3. Move the content of the extracted folder, which is itself called tdaV2_demo into your Return to Castle Wolfenstein™ game directory.
  4. Launch the demo from one of the provided .bat files, located in the core folder called tda_demo(tda_x86.bat for 32-bit and 64-bit computers; tda_x64.bat for 64-bit computers only).

Once in the game, you will need to adjust your gameplay settings. Some users may however experience some display issues, which are yet to be fixed. See the FAQ for more information.

3 System Requirements

  • Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows XP
  • Processor (CPU): AMD Athlon; Intel Pentium II 400 MHz
  • System memory (RAM): 128 MB; 256 MB
  • Hard disk drive (HDD): 1.35 GB
  • Video card (GPU): 16 MB of VRAM; OpenGL compatible; DirectX 8.0a compatible

4 Content


  1. main
    • z_realrtcw.pk3
    • cgame_sp_x64.dll
    • cgame_sp_x86.dll
    • qagame_sp_x64.dll
    • qagame_sp_x86.dll
    • ui_sp_x64.dll
    • ui_sp_x86.dll
  2. tda_demo
    • tda_x64.bat
    • tda_x86.bat
    • files.pk3
    • textures.pk3
    • cgame_sp_x64.dll
    • cgame_sp_x86.dll
    • qagame_sp_x64.dll
    • qagame_sp_x86.dll
    • ui_sp_x64.dll
    • ui_sp_x86.dll
  3. ioWolfSP.x86.exe
  4. ioWolfSP.x86_64.exe
  5. OpenAL32.dll
  6. OpenAL64.dll
  7. renderer_sp_opengl1_x64.dll
  8. renderer_sp_opengl1_x86.dll
  9. renderer_sp_rend2_x64.dll
  10. renderer_sp_rend2_x86.dll
  11. SDL2.dll
  12. SDL264.dll



day start

night start

night village

night village 1

The Dark Army: Uprising (2.0)
Download The Dark Army: Uprising (2.0) - Mod DB

Mod of the Year Awards

Source: TITEUF-85 on MODDB


Excellent. I'll advertise this news via one of my website updates.

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