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A summary of the faction, its roster, how it will play, and some details that will hopefully answer most questions people may have regarding Valinor.

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--Faction Traits--

The Light of Valinor:
Noldor and Vanyar units enjoy an extra hit point and gain an additional 5% to their melee defense and attack statistics.

Blessings of the Undying Lands:
All units are faster than the normal baseline. Heavy infantry have the speed of Medium Infantry, Medium Infantry are as swift as Light Infantry, and Light Infantry enjoy +.05 speed.

Army of the Light:
In the War of Wrath campaign Valinor can recruit warriors from the Falathrim, House Fingolfin, House Finarfin, and Gondolin

--Faction Summary--

Valinor armies are cosmopolitan citizen armies composed of Vanyar, Teleri, Maiar, and the remnant of the Noldor under Finarfin. The bulk of the army are supported by Teleri who are mediocre warriors, but deadly skirmishers. They are supported by medium Vanyarin spearmen, heavy Noldor swordsmen and further bolstered by the mighty Maiar, servants of the Powers who rule Arda in Eru's name.

On the battlefield an army of the Blessed Realm is a formidable, flexible force, capable of addressing a multitude of challenges in a variety of different ways, having access to all infantry classifications, artillery types, and many kinds of cavalry. However a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the soft underbelly of the Host of Valinor is undoubtedly the Teleri. Though numerous, they are but lightly armed, armored, and unaccustomed to the horrors of war. As such they are susceptible to Fear and morale shocks and are more prone to flee than similar units of their tier in other factions. In addition, while durable and peerless on the battlefield, Noldor, Vanyar, and Maiar are very expensive to field. Valinor generals will need to strike a balance between their powerful core units and the supporting Teleri roster.


Limited AP, below average mid tier quality, Teleri susceptible to mass routing, while Noldor and Vanyar are very expensive and low in number. Fear and morale shocks can be incredibly effective against the Teleri who form the bulk of the standing army of Valinor, small units vulnerable to focus fire, artillery, and attrition warefare;


The best bodyguard units in the game, robust cavalry wing, liberal access to multiple hit point units, Vanyar and Noldor units are best in class on a per model basis, excellent morale buffing capabilities, fantastic skirmish and mobility potential.

--Faction Roster--


Capped at 80 men, 2 HP, Medium infantry/cavalry, all spearmen, but use slashing damage. 2h spears are AP. Vanyar cost an additional 10%., 20 morale base, but all Vanyar inspire so blocks of them are difficult to remove. Base armor of 7, can upgrade armor for increased cost (80.) 3 capped.

Distinctive features: Purple eyes; Gold, purple, red, and white color scheme.

Hunters of Oromë:

Spear Cav/Lancer Hybrids, 30 men in the unit, no slashing damage, but have greatly increased bonuses against elephants, and an additional +2 against Wargs, capped at 3, cause Fear, +2 morale in 20 meters, no mount bonus vs cavalry.

Peacekeepers of Valimar:
1h spearmen, slashing damage, 2hp, 80 men per unit, capped at 3, inspire for +2 in 25M radius, spearwall, uses Tower of Snow animations.

Plaza Guardians of Valimar:

2h spearmen, AP, slashing damage, 80 men per unit, spearwall formation, +3 morale in 50 meters, capped at 3


The heavy infantry of Valinor. Well armored, shielded, and brave. They're just a remnant of the once mighty folk that departed Valinor and are thus few in number. 60 men per unit, but with higher caps than the Vanyar. If you choose you will be able to field Noldor in greater numbers than Vanyar. Base morale of 18, +15% to all charge damage, + 15 charge distance, upgrade armor for reduced cost (40). Base damage increased by +1.

Distinctive features: Black hair; Light blue, white, silver, and gold color scheme

Hearthguard of Tirion:

Shielded swordsmen, heavy infantry, capped at 5. Base armor of 10. 2hp.

Sentinels of Tirion:

2handed swordsmen. Capped at 4. Base armor of 10. 2 missile deflection. 2hp, relentless.

Legendary Variant:

The Grieving Sons.

Telerin Warriors of Alqualondë. Lack the heavier armor (7 instead of 10, no upgrade) and hp of Sentinels, but benefit from greatly increased melee defense (+4), +2 base damage, locked morale. 120 men in unit.

Knights of Tirion:

30 men per unit. Penalties against elephants, average bonuses against Wargs, but +3 against horsemen. 1 armor upgrade, base armor of 10.


Light infantry exclusively. No armor upgrades. Normal unit sizes. Accounts for the midntier roster. 1HP only. All infantry use normal morale response, while skirmishers use low. +2 melee defense for all Light units. -10% cost.

Distinctive features: Light blue and white color scheme.

Mariners of Alqualondë:

Harassment Javelins. Capped at 3. 120 men in the unit. Skirmisher template. +1 ammo. Armed with swords and small shields, 3 armor.

Marksmen of Alqualondë:
6 missile damage, +2 ammo, 120 men per unit, 3 armor. Capped at 3. Skirmisher template.

Militia of Alqualondë:

Light spearmen. 5 armor, +1 Base melee defense. 140 men per unit. Capped at 8. Infantry template.

Slingers of Alqualondë:

Scattershot slinger. Particularly good at dealing with large numbers of light infantry. Sacrifices -4 ammunition for a multi-shot projectile that are useful for cleaving through unshielded enemies. 120 men per unit, infantry template, uses maces in close combat. Capped at 3. + 20 range. 3 armor, shield value of 3, armor of 3. +5% cost.

Shoalrunners of Alqualondë:

Light, unshielded bow cavalry with excellent accuracy and damage. Extremely fragile and prone to routing. 60 men per unit. +4 ammo. Capped at 4.


Maiar enjoy 10% on melee defense and attack

Individually some of the best fighters to be found anywhere.

All Maiar benefit from the Relentless trait.

Distinctive features: Larger than the average infantryman; golden eyes

Adepts of Tulkas:
1 handed macemen with excellent shield values and Medium armor. 30 men per unit, 4HP, relentless, +3 morale in 50 meter radius, unbreakable, causes Fear, +2 damage, AP.

Special trait-- Fortitude of Tulkas: +1 hitpoint

Heralds of Manwë:

+5 morale in 50 meter radius, 40 men per unit, heavy 1 handed spearmen with +4 against elephants, two armor upgrade levels, 3HP, piercing damage, -3 damage penalty, base armor of 10. Special trait-- Speed of the Eagle Lord: uses light infantry speed bonuses to maintain uptime on large creatures, relentless.

Vanyar BG:

Kinsmen of Ingwë:

+3 morale in 30 meter radius, 1 handed swordsmen, 50 men, per unit, capped at 2, 2HP. This is the budget option as the Maiar are expensive specialists.

Special models:
Ingwion: general model

Eönwë: officer in the Heralds of Manwë.

One to-be-named Telerin Prince for use as an officer in The Grieving Sons which will be decided on by the community via Discord (


Access to catapults, ballistae, and trebuchets, all of which will be crewed by Hearthguard detachments.

Potential campaign only units: Eagles

And finally, here's a small preview of an unnamed Valinor unit:

Vanyar Helmet Preview

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