Our thank you to the community for your continued support. We now invite you to continue further with us, as we proceed to the completion of our project.

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Greetings everyone.

First off, thank you everyone who voted for us in the Mod of the Year Awards. To be ranked high again while still in development without a released product is a great honor. Your belief in our efforts is what drives us to push harder, stay up later at night, and cram a little bit of modding into whatever free time we can find in our busy lives to help create this game for you. None of us are paid, we all have professional, academic and family lives to deal with. We simply create this mod for our love of the Expanded Universe, and our passion to create free art and share it with the community.

While we work on this project, approaching now our 4rth year of production, we have seen this modding community change and grow a lot. We have seen modders compete with one another, fight with one another, and even go as far as trying to sabotage each other's project at times....but who in the end get's hurt the most?: The fans. Modding is a very interesting hobby. We see a diverse range of talents and abilities coming together, openly and freely being able to create and use imagination to develop something without restrictions. It is a rare opportunity in life to be able to work on a project where the only stipulation is that the end result must be the absolute best it can be. We've seen many mods rise and fall over the years. We have tried to learn from these mistakes and create a team here, where we encourage open and equal discussion, and we evaluate everyone's input to decide upon what is the best possible thing to make. But all of the work we create, all the amazingly detailed models, the flashy realistic textures, the insanely ingenious coding mechanisms, the pin point accurate research and lore that is written and the brilliantly stunning particle effects --- all of that, doesn't mean anything, if it doesn't come together in the end, to be delivered into a package for our fans. The fans... you are our most vital component of this entire project. Without our fans, none of this work we create is worth anything. If we were to finish this project and have no support of the community, it would be almost pointless to even post it online. We make this project for you, we do this work not just for our own interests, but because you have shown faith in us, and we now feel obligated to deliver back what is expected, and to push our efforts further to deliver something even better.

So with all that being said, we now wish to invite all of you, not just the EAW/FOC community, but everyone interested in modding any game for a Star Wars theme to join with us, and become part of our modding family. From this point forward, we will be free releasing every model we make. This will include the .alo model, the texture, engine, damage and fire particles, and the code to get the model into the game. We are also going to be including instructions to teach everyone how to code a unit into their own games, so even if you have no clue how to mod anything, or if you just bought the game yesterday, you will now be able to follow our instructions and code each of our released units into your own game. In addition, we will also be free releasing our native 3dsMax files for each unit. We want to encourage modding everywhere, so that anyone can take our work, and freely edit, modify and learn from our models for whatever project they wish, be it EAW or an entirely different game completely.

We hope this news brings enjoyment, for we are sincere when we thank all of our fans for their support, and we hope that this gesture can help you all share in the experience of following our progress and encourage the hobby of modding. Thank you all once again for the continued praise and acknowledgement of our efforts, we continue to strive to deliver you the best possible experience we can.

Yuuzhan Vong at War Development Team

Bucman55 - - 795 comments


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djogloc - - 392 comments

Good luck. I really like the way the team is doing the mod.

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Flashy_3 - - 322 comments

"we will be free releasing every model we make" -Burnstrobe

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StealthClaw1 - - 20 comments

This is beyond awesome, this is beautiful. I really look forward to not only the release of this mod, but hopefully the new wave of mods that this announcement has just breathed life into.

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe - - 3,471 comments

yes, this is our ultimate goal, to encourage modding, and teach others how to mod :)

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TheJ3VS - - 40 comments

I've always wanted to know how to mod this game! I've tried by starting off making the 1 credit 1 second thingy but beyond that I have no clue what I'm doing.. I'd love to have someone give out resources like this for people like me! This is why I voted for this mod and been following it since it started! You guys are the awesomest! Have a wonderful Christmas time!

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the_Farseer - - 6,407 comments

Generous indeed! I plan to release ROTMs models as well...but not until after the mod release. I'm a bit more selfish. Haha ;)

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Delta730 - - 175 comments

Haha you're far from selfish in the community. Really looking forward to your release and those new X-Wing models. Really hope you do a X-Wing variant with a R5 slotted in so we can have a truly accurate Wedge's X-Wing.

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe - - 3,471 comments

We have launched an online forum to provide modding assistance if needed. Please feel free to ask a question and we will try to help:

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cpt.franz - - 410 comments

I don't get it, you're selling the mod after it's done?

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe - - 3,471 comments

Mod is free, and we are allowing anyone to use our assets while we complete the rest of our project so that people can start their own mods and enjoy our work while waiting for the full release.

Our mod is much much more than just some new models ;)

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cpt.franz - - 410 comments

thank you for the clarification

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MawDrallin - - 215 comments

Christmas came early! You guys are the best! Keep it up!

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oOXyroxOo - - 710 comments

i want to say thank you *_*

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KnightEternal - - 30 comments

I'm interested in doing Mods, but where do I start?

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