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That happened quickly; 53 minutes of new music to aid your immersion in the zone.

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A couple of weeks of stress-free music-making and here it is.

Download Call of Pripyat music expansion here

The process and product of this was quite different to that of my Shadow of Chernobyl music expansion. Rather than messing around with ltx files and multiple tracks, I simply merged all the music into singular ogg files that would play instead of the default tracks. That's not to say the original music is gone though, it's simply merged into my music where I saw fit.

Enjoy, be sure to share your thoughts.

Original tracks:

  • jupiter_day: 5:03
  • jupiter_night: 4:35
  • pripyat_day: 4:47
  • pripyat_night: 5:58
  • zaton_day: 3:49
  • zaton_night: 3:27

New tracks (total lenghts):

  • jupiter_day: 18:00
  • jupiter_night: 8:25
  • pripyat_day: 14:45
  • pripyat_night: 10:57
  • zaton_day: 17:50
  • zaton_night: 8:36

Video preview:

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