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The scariest job on the planet and the single player WARGAMES Mode reveal are but two of the goodies in today's development diary. Be awesome!

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Dev diary 23low

The siren wails. Time is of the essence. We must strike back before it's too late! Phone in hand, an eternity passes. Sweaty palms and a million thoughts. The scariest job on the planet, done by those awaiting confirmation with the world in the balance. A judgement, and it's war - doom for humankind. Luckily this time it is simply an exercise, a war-game.


Today, we are happy to reveal the single player WARGAMES Mode of Terminal Conflict. With AI advances this past week, your trusted companion MIRVIN is ready to introduce you to a set of scenarios with various difficulties. Among these, you'll find:

  • On the Brink: Retain a US missile gap advantage at all cost to prevent nuclear war
  • The Race to the Moon: Winning the Space Race to the Moon as the USA
  • The Balance of Power: Achieve USSR victory point win after 1991 timeline, nothing else is good enough

A thorn in the eye of peace loving pacifists everywhere, in the turbulence of the Cold War war-games are essential for any self respecting commander. Dangerous, they say. Useful, others would argue.

TerminalConflict SeaCombatWargam


How else will you learn the ropes and prevail against enemies sworn to seek your demise? There are no save games in real life. Just as there are none in the game! When playing with nuclear arsenals there are no second chances.

TerminalConflict Bemindful

Through war-games, you will not only learn how to play, you can aspire to accomplish more advanced goals.


Initially, the game will present you with 10 war-game scenarios. Their varying length and complexity suits every schedule from minutes to hours but if you do decide to fly we offer you the tools. Create and customize your own Cold War experience. Add more scenarios, modify the existing ones, share and tell your story.

TerminalConflict CreateYourOwn

What is...oh, that was just a weather balloon. Right? Or could it incoming strike? Everything can depend on one man. So, my friend, quick! What do we do?

Shall we play a game?

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Marth8880 - - 1,778 comments

All looks very impressive as always!

Also, scripting with JSON, eh? Any particular reason for that out of curiosity? :o

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StrategyMill Author
StrategyMill - - 2 comments

Thank you for your kind comments!

That is a very good question. The reason is simply data. We did testing and it's the best solution in terms of flexibility and performance. Making modding easily accessible and stable

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