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There is more to your Terminal then meets the eye. Any journey worthwhile is one shared with a trusted companion! Meet up with your A.I. sparring partner MIRVIN in this latest development diary.

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Work is continuing tonight to build a power station next to Building 2H. Preparations are well underway solving the power regulation issue reported last month. All systems are expected to be fully stable starting Monday the 21st of May, and console operators of the IBM 7090 will run the first iterations by that evening. Remember the sacrifices it takes to do good, it can save the lives of us all.

The Introduction

There is more to your Terminal then meets the eye. Any journey worthwhile is one shared with a trusted companion! Though there are places where he cannot follow, Don Quixote had Sancho Panza, Batman has Robin and you; well you got MIRVIN of course. The Cold War era A.I. whom for decades helped presidents and world leaders hone their skills in making the tough decisions.

Practice Mode

Groundbreaking projects at the Department of Defense naturally tend to be a target for Soviet infiltration. Do not worry. Security concerns have been paramount and rigorous, so you can feel safe if you ever need explanation about the ground rules of Terminal Conflict. Your reliable friend will not tell anyone.

Practice mode is one of three game modes offered in Terminal Conflict. A testing ground for you, where you can sharpen your abilities in taming your enemies from uncontrollable beasts to tempered lap dogs. Do you like to do things at your own pace? You’ve come to the right place as this game mode also offers the feature to play without the turn timer

News about the team

Talking of secrets, today we are announcing that the legendary Dan Hunter has joined our ranks these past weeks. A fellow industry veteran, his list of accomplishments is long and distinguished, filled with beautiful artwork. Dan is possibly best known for his breathtaking visual effects in project like Bioshock 2 and Halo 4 – captivating players and inspiring artists.

Growing up during the Cold War, Dan has not only firsthand account of the historical era but also the expertise to create the stunning experiences. We cannot wait to share his creations.

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