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Time to take on the politics of the Middle East. Dangerous? Perhaps. Awesome? Absolutely!

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Dev diary 25

Hello, Frithjof Nikolai Wilborn reporting! This last week we've been busy planning and developing the decisions the player has to make in the Middle East. In this development diary, I will reveal to you how we work with this awesome area of the game.

Our Focus

The fundamental question we asked ourselves when we began planning was "How can we let you chose your path through the conflicts of the Middle East?" The area is complex and having brainstormed what historical events, we want to portray an image was soon clear: Let's look at three vitals for your navigation of the conflicts and our focus point.

  • The State of Israel versus Pan-Arabism that pits Israel against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the other Arab states. Not only does this affect logistics through the all-important Suez Canal, it's also a focus point of modern Middle Eastern politics. This conflict sets the stage for power politics between the US and the USSR.
  • Turkey, whoever controls it commands the strategic Turkish Straits, the entry point between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Historically, Turkey entered NATO, denying the USSR this valuable access point.
  • Iran, which together with Turkey provides direct access for the USSR to the Middle East and without which Soviet ambitions of expansion into the area can be diminished.

Notable mentions:

  • Iraq, with it's strategical location is a gateway of massive importance and a nation split among ethnic, religious and sectarian lines; enticing for any peace minded statesman and ripe for exploitation for those with a sinister agenda.
  • Yemen, the powder keg of the Arabian Peninsula and a clash point between Iranian and Saudi interests, Sunni and Shia religious views and a key destabilizing factor for the theater. It starts of as neutral but is already from the get go a raging war-zone.

The British Mandate

Having decided on these three focus points, we started planning the Arab-Israeli conflict. The challenge of the day for us was that we needed a clear starting point and what better than at the beginning.

TerminalConflict BritishMandate

In 1948, right at the start of the Cold War, the British Mandate in Palestine was faltering. On the forefront of Middle Eastern politics, you will get right into it, deciding how to deal with such matters and the faith of the partition plans of Palestine between the Jews and the Arabs. You could opt for helping the British with by a timely intervention, or if you are preoccupied, support the involvement of the United Nations.

TerminalConflict Peacekeeping

Both USA as well as the USSR would naturally make their choice with their own costs and benefits. What is of higher importance, it is how you deal with the choices made. Exactly how you can make lasting peace in the Levant is different each game around and something we reserve for you to discover with a mix of well-timed leverage, demands and compromises. You think you mastered it already. Fear not! No good deeds go unpunished in this part of world politics and foreign affairs have a way to creep into your domestic agenda.

TerminalConflict ThePromisedLand

Will you seek to undermine regional political leaders for short-term gain? The Soviet Union historically did, becoming the first state to officially recognize the newly founded Israeli state. Then they famously switched sides but peace would elude them. Many have tried; surely, we hope to see you be the one to strike a deal, where they all failed!

Grasp the opportunity and find your own way in Middle Eastern politics in this definitive Cold War grand strategy! As I wrap up this development diary, we look forward to seeing you as Terminal Conflict is approaching the BETAs on the 4th of July! Until then, make sure to get your voice heard on our Twitter , Facebook , or on Reddit.

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