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Celebrating two years of Temple+ with a big fat update! Including: New races, new feats, and the long-awaited Wall of Fire spell!

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Hello again folks, it's time for another update!

Marking its second anniversary, the latest release of Temple+ finally brings several new playable races to the fold:

  • Aasimar (Human subrace)
  • Duergar (Dwarf subrace)
  • Drow (Elf subrace)
  • Hill Giant
  • Troll

As usual, to enable these non-vanilla ToEE options, open the House Rules configuration menu and select "Extra Races" and "Monstrous PC Races".

Subrace Drow
Temple+ now lets you choose subraces, as well as new PC races

Needless to say having a PC Hill Giant or a Troll makes much of the early game fairly trivial. Nevertheless it's still quite fun to watch your Troll shred your foes to bits with its Rend ability :)
Be aware though that due to their level adjustment modifiers, these races level up quite a bit slower than normal characters. Especially Trolls and Hill Giants who also have racial HD, which makes their Effective Character Level equal to level 13 / 17 from the get-go!
Also, don't expect any special reactions from the NPCs in the campaign. Content modding (dialogues and such) is outside of Temple+'s focus, so just consider it a fun addition :)

Troll PC
You can now Troll the game :)

This update also lays out the foundation for moddable races, similar to how Temple+ lets you create and customize character classes via python scripts, without touching the actual C++ source code.

Other than the above races, we're aiming to add to the main mod all the extra PC races found in Icewind Dale 2. It's still too soon to say we're embarking on that long Total Conversion road, but having some of the elements laid out is a good start :)

The other big news is that Wall spells are finally here! Well at least one of them is ;) This release includes Wall of Fire, available for Co8 users. That said, adding the other wall spells won't be straightforward, since they all have very finicky rules. This does open up the possibility for modding variants of the Wall of Fire spell (Wall of Icy Fire, anyone?)

Wall of Fire
Wall of Fire... on Ice!

The past few months have also had numerous feat contributions from users IPDT_FE and doug1234. Most of the martial classes have some new options now, all taken from the various D&D 3.5ed supplementary materials.

The list of new feats includes:

  • Craven
  • Deft Opportunist
  • Divine Armor
  • Divine Shield
  • Divine Vigor
  • Extend Rage
  • Extra Rage
  • Extra Smiting
  • Extra Music
  • Improved Favored Enemy
  • Improved Rapid Shot
  • Vexing Flanker

Another nifty feature added in the last few months is the Walk option. As you may have noticed, in ToEE your PCs always move using the run animation, even for short distances while walking about in Town. Though ToEE did have an option to disable running, it was tucked away in a config file that had to be manually edited, and even that was buggy.

Walk distance
Set the walk distance in the configuration, and watch your characters casually stroll through town...

Temple+ now introduces the Walk Distance option in the configuration utility to solve this issue. It allows you to define what minimal distance triggers the running animation - if your destination is closer than that, your characters will walk there instead. The default is 0 - same as vanilla, i.e. always run - but now you can set it to say, 20 feet, and watch your characters casually walk instead. You can also set it at a greater value and override it with Ctrl+click, which will force your characters to run.

The DM repertoire has also been slightly expanded, as now it includes a Fudge Rolls tab and an option to edit (or heal) HP damage. Personally I've found it invaluable when testing things, but you may also use it for whatever suits your needs and preferences ;)

Fudge Rolls
The DM now allows you to fudge rolls. For better or worse :)

As tradition dictates, whenever I playtest an upcoming major release I get fed up with some tedious aspect of the game and take the time to improve upon it. This time it's the looting UI, which now features a Next button. This allows you to cycle through nearby corpses without having to exit the UI and pixel hunt the next corpse in the pile. Take All has never been easier :)

Having trouble pixel hunting that last corpse in the pile?
No problem, now you got a Next button right next to Take All!

Other than that we've also fixed numerous crash issues and bugs you've reported in our forums (and some that you didn't as well ;)). Judging by our bug-report inbox, it looks like we got most of the crash issues down *knocks on wood* but in case we missed any, you can send bug reports to our email at or post it on the forums. Crash notices will also provide more detailed instructions on how to file helpful reports now, so please follow them ;)

Temple+ 1.0.63

A big shoutout to contributors for this release:

Risewild - for provinding Drow textures
IPDT_FE - Craven, Deft Opportunist, Extra Music, Vexing Flanker feats
doug1234 - Divine Armor, Divine Shield, Divine Vigor, Extend Rage, Extra Rage, Extra Smiting, Improved Favored Enemy, Improved Rapid Shot feats

Cheers, Cattle & Pug


Change log since v1.0.50:


  1. Added infrastructure for moddable races.
  2. Added playable Races: (to enable, enter the House Rules configuration menu)
    1. Aasimar
    2. Drow (texturing courtesy of Risewild )
    3. Duergar
    4. Troll
    5. Hill Giant
  3. Added feats: (credit: doug1234 and IPDT_FE)
    1. Craven
    2. Deft Opportunist
    3. Divine Armor
    4. Divine Shield
    5. Divine Vigor
    6. Extend Rage
    7. Extra Rage
    8. Extra Smiting
    9. Extra Music
    10. Improved Favored Enemy
    11. Improved Rapid Shot
    12. Vexing Flanker Added
  4. Wall of Fire spell (active for Co8 users only)
  5. Added Walk on Short Distances option. This makes your party walk instead of run up to a certain distance. To enable, enter Walk Distance value in the configuration to make characters walk up to that distance. You can override this with holding ctrl
  6. Added "Prefer One-Handed Wield" option to let characters with Bucklers go one-handed rather than two-handed with their weapons.
  7. Added DM features:
    1. Edit HP damage
    2. "Fudge Rolls" tab
  8. Improved reporting information in crash messages
  9. Added "Max HP for NPC HD" House Rules option
  10. Added "Next" button to looting UI; allows you to cycle through nearby corpses when looting.


  1. Various Crash fixes
  2. Fixed Iuz script bug that could cause multiple St. Cuthberts to spawn when your party runs far away
  3. Fixed issue with Fear'ed characters not getting their radial menu.
  4. Fixed crash issue in the NPC looting function when more than 3 NPCs are present (only appears in non-Co8 games since Co8 has the Humble NPCs mod so it never executes anyway)
  5. Fixed missing __len__ method for spell target list (caused Analyze Dweomer to fail)
  6. Fixed wrong XP requirements for NPC monsters (it disregarded the monster HD for calculating ECL).Note that this means it'll be quite a bit harder to level up Scorpp and Oohlgrist now...
  7. Fixed issue when transferring items to chests via the item_get command (should support 200 items now). This solves the spillover issue for the Extraplanar chest.
  8. Fixed bug in Holy Word, Dictum, Blasphemy and Word of Chaos that could mess up the target list (and potentially cause your party members to die)
  9. Fixed issue with Reincarnation spell not triggering san_resurrect script (could mess up some scripts) (Co8 only)
  10. Fixed issue with default attack on faction mates in combat
  11. Fixed edge scrolling when resolution is scaled (cursor position roundoff issue)
  12. Fixed Good Hope / Crushing Despair requiring Active Concentration (they shouldn't per 3.5ed rules, was 3.0ed leftover)
  13. Fixed Divine Power stacking issue (granting entire Fighter BAB when cast twice)
  14. Fixed Bardic Suggestion cancelling Fascinate
  15. Fixed AI triggering bug when playing Solo vs. other PCs
  16. Fixed hang when updating inventory of characters with cheatingly-high STR score
  17. Fixed casting spells not breaking concentration on actively concentrated spells

OMG that's quite a lot!

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Wow! Good stuff.

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