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This patch aims at improving gameplay by revisiting the core version of the mod in almost all of its areas. By now, the experience of the mod should be a little bit more enjoyable in Singleplayer. But this time I decided to expand a little bit into Multiplayer by adding bots and including the revised V2 multiplayer map-pack.

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Please re-download the package if you downloaded the mod before the date of the latest patch below.

(V1.1 + Fix 1 - Patch 13th February 2019th)

Download SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - KotOR 2 Duels V1.1 - Mod DB


V1.1 Features:

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels V1.1

Recently I had some time, and decided to mod JKA a little bit to publish this long-due update. This patch aims at improving gameplay by revisiting the core version of the mod in almost all of its areas. By now, the experience of the mod should be a little bit more enjoyable in Singleplayer. But this time I decided to expand a little bit into Multiplayer by adding bots and including the revised V2 multiplayer map-pack.

Patch notes 1.1:

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels V1.1 Citadel Station


  • Non force users had been tweaked. For example, Mandalorians will not be force pushing others anymore. I did it so characters act more naturally as what they are supposed to do.
  • Bosses and Jedi Masters had been tweaked to improve dueling. Several abilities had been removed from certain NPCS to tune them to their specific force usage. As Jedi, using light force abilities as dark using dark side powers.
  • Added a few npcs to complement new menus, alongside with bots. Some of these are both gender Exile, Ithorians, Duros species and tweaked existing ones.
  • Brianna now uses a blue lightsaber instead of a yellow lightsaber.
  • Several NPCs now use proper Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy hilts. Please note that some custom hilts are causing errors in specific missions. For example, if I mix Darth Revan with one of his lightsaber hilts, a ghoul error is produced asap as the player hits the NPC.SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - KotOR 2 Duels V1.1 Darth Revan Hilt JKA
  • Darth Sion blade length has been fixed.
  • Nihilus saber hilt has been changed from Desann to Single JKA ones.
  • Some models had been changed for some npcs. Now, the sith assassins and sith lords show their proper model from KotOR. This is also thanks to a generous contribution made by Torlen AKA RevanKnight. More details in the credit section.SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - KotOR 2 Duels V1.1 New Sith Lord Model


  • Removed transitions in several menus.
  • Redesigned the planet selection menu. Now, the text is near each planet.Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels Planet Selection Menu
  • Revisited and redesigned the Character and Lightsaber menu to match them more to their KotOR 2 counterparts. Fixed several textures in the process.SWJAKotOR 2 Duels Version 1.1 New MenusSWJAKotOR 2 Duels Version 1.1 New Menus
  • Added several new menus under the “Cheat Menu” while tweaking some of the options in the same.
  • Added “Weapons/Saber/Color Menu”, “Force Powers Menu”, “Sandbox Levels Menu” and “Party Menu”. These include new menu textures and navigation. I hope you like them.
  • The old menus, music, npc and level had been tweaked a little bit to provide a cleaner layout and easier access between menus.
  • Changed music when you turn into the galaxy map. From the sith lords theme to the Ebon Hawk theme. This was for nostalgia purposes.
    • Some explanation about what are the new/old Cheat menus.SWJAKotOR 2 Duels Version 1.1 New Menus
      • Music Menu – Offers you songs from KotOR 2 and JKA
      • NPC Menu – Offers you a small list of NPC options for you to spawn with a click.
      • Level Menu – Offers KotOR 2 mod missions and JKA missions which can be loaded with a click.SWJAKotOR 2 Duels Version 1.1 New Menus
      • Party Menu – Offers the KotOR 2 party screen with options to spawn any KotOR 2 party member from there. Just click in their picture/name.
      • SWJAKotOR 2 Duels Version 1.1 New Menus
      • Weapons/saber/color-menu – Offers you the ability to select any weapon from the game, change between one, two, dual or even vibroswords on the go and saber-color too with a single click.SWJAKotOR 2 Duels Version 1.1 New Menus
      • Force Powers Menu – Allows you to customize what level you want your specific powers. All the powers of the game are there, with a click, you can customize which powers you want at what level. There is also a special entity there that if you click, you will trigger an audio and you will have max force powers.Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels V1.1 Force Powers Menu
      • Sandbox Levels Menu – This offers you the multiplayer map-pack. These are the maps without scripts so you can explore freely without worrying about scripted events or you can do whatever you want in there.
      • I wanted to do a playermodel menu too, but for some reason JKA started to go nuts. I suspected it was that I was reaching some kind of limit or something in the engine. Anyways, if you want to play as someone that is not in the character menu, just open the console and type playermodel, followed by the model you want to be. These models are in the files of the mod. I will leave you some examples below.
        • Playermodel Nihilus
        • Playermodel Sion
        • Playermodel Atton
        • Playermodel Brianna
        • Playermodel Atris
        • Playermodel Visas
        • Playermodel Bastila
        • Playermodel Malak
        • Playermodel Revan

And so on…

So far these are the menus available. I hope they serve you well in your playthrough, and don’t forget the main menu too. That one has some useful commands in case you are struggling in the mod. But hence, I made some npcs weaker, so, the mod should be easier overall.

New Features:

  • Added 75 bots with their own lines for multiplayer. This goes in complement with the Multiplayer Map Pack. Total credit to Raven Software, Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts. Now, most of the bots post things in-game from the lines from KotOR. Some bots have more variations than others, but you may see a familiar dialogue line from time to time. Also, each bot has its own personality and script. I do recommend not adding more bots because I am pretty sure I reached the limit. A standalone version of the bots will be released online too, but note that it will need some extra files from this version of the mod to work properly. (Scratch that last thing about extra files. I released the bot-pack and works well independently now. Links below in the standalone addons area).Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels Bot-Pack
  • Added a new HUD. Originally made by Laisum and published online. Thank you so much Laisum for letting me use your HUD. Note, permission was requested and the request was accepted. Thank you! – The new HUD makes the KotOR mod more immersive.New HUD! - Made by Laisum
  • Four new menus under the “Cheat Menu” – These are, party, weapons/saber/color, force powers and sandbox levels. You can access them in-game via the bottom-left button of the screen.
  • Added three new small maps. These were on my PC for a while, and I decided to get them out on this version. These were originally done for more missions, and may still need more work, but these are playable by now and there is 0% chance that I may do more missions any soon. By this, I released these in this pack. I hope you like them.
  • Tweaked the saber effects a little bit to resemble the blades from KotOR. I hope you like them. These can be removed if wished.
  • The environments are now destructible! Almost like in the Matrix. Not all the maps support this and some support it more than others, but in one way or another, you may see the floor breaking or a wall. Maybe a support, or probably something else. I hope you like this feature. It makes dueling interesting.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels V1.1 The Ravager


  • Revisited each map of the mod in its single player and multiplayer versions. Then, I did a rebuilt process on all of them. Lightning looks a little bit better, but the build times did increase exponentially in some maps. Some more details in the following lines.
    • Fixed an issue with an invisible wall on Dxun Mandalorian Outpost.
    • Citadel Station Docks had been redesigned. Now, there are two more areas to enter and grab pickups.
    • Fixed lightning issues on the Dantooine mission against Vrook.
    • Changed texturing in all of the tomb maps from Korriban.
    • Redesigned Sion Duel at Korriban to resemble more to the academy at KotOR 2.
    • Fixed trigger issues on most maps.
    • Added a fog layer to The Ravager map.
    • Fixed song quality issues.
    • Fixed the fog on the Kreia Vision map. Back then it was yellow-gray, now it is blue.
    • Fixed several lightning issues on the ceiling from the Malak vision map.
    • Fixed plenty of texturing areas on Citadel Station. Same with entities and removed breakables. Added doors and tweaked entities for all three modules.
    • Revisited and did a small re-design to the Dxun Duel with the Sith Lords map. The background is now more reminiscent of its KotOR 2 area, and added red fog.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels Destructible EnvironmentsStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels Destructible EnvironmentsStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels Destructible Environments

    • Added breakables on almost all maps. This means that when you hit a place in the floor or a wall it will break. Works in both, Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - KotOR 2 Duels V1.1 SP Pickups 2

    • Added a hollow tomb in the Dxun Duel with the Sith Lords map. Now, the player can pick up the Freedon Nadd lightsaber. If you have a single blade, it will automatically assign you the second saber.
  • Tested for bugs, found plenty, but fixed most by this release. (AKA invisible walls, objects, broken geometry, bad texturing, etc.) Maps should be working really nice, especially the ones from Multiplayer. I took extra care on these. If you find any bugs, please feel free to let me know to fix these in the future.
  • Darth Sion duel at Korriban has been re-designed. I decided that the map was not good enough, and I did a small re-design. I hope you like it.
  • Multiplayer maps had been deeply tweaked. In this situation, I added better entities for multiplayer gameplay. The one I like the most is Citadel Station. You will find plenty of medpacks, shields, weapons and more around maps.
  • I did some small secret easter eggs to some maps. The first one is on Peragus. If you are using the mod, plus the map-pack correctly. You will be able to see Atton in its cage. That area is now accessible. Next is on the Trayus Academy, at the duel with sion. There is a wall which you can break and which will give you plenty of items to survive the duel. Also, I added a door in this area which also includes a room with entities for the player.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels V1.1 SP Pickups

  • Levelshots had been tweaked, both singleplayer and multiplayer. Also, revisited plenty of levelshots that had typo errors. I still have these, but at least they will not be like way back. They were pretty bad.

SW Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels SP Map Pickups


  • Revisited all of the map audio files and changed them while in the editor. Now, the music sounds better. Every song has been re-exported to reach maximum quality that I can possible deliver. Some others could not be done because they had limitations within the script, and they had to be that way. Still, everything sounds better than before. That last Ebon Hawk battle music I left regarding its quality was a sin. I apologize about that.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - Kotor 2 Duels V1.1 Kreia Audio Scene II KR

  • Also, revisited several audio parts. Kreia sounds better now in the Darth Sion duel at Korriban.
  • Added bot sounds for Zez Kai Ell, Vrook Lamar and Kavar.
  • Removed the Darth Revan sounds. He is silent now, and in many ways this improved the duel a lot.


So far, there is only one that is annoying.

This happens when you load Citadel Station in Multiplayer after the first or second time in a single session, but it is nothing game breaking at all. Basically when you load Citadel Station more than once in a game client, you may get this error (Repeat): Z_Malloc(): Failed to alloc… blah, blah blah. It fixes itself by restarting the game and loading again. One of the reasons I do believe this happens is that I honestly pushed Citadel Station to its limits as far as I am concerned. The map was quite harsh to work with in the core version, but in this one I really pushed it far enough that other errors started to happen, but these are fixed. I noticed this new one while testing a brand new installation with the mod. Anyways, if I do manage to fix this. I will release a hotfix, or a fix. For now, a restart does it. Something to note about Citadel Station is that, it may be my biggest map release ever, probably even bigger than the last version I did of Dotf. It may be that, but I am just so happy that it works right now. I hope you enjoy the map!

Oh no found another!

Well, just one. Tested all maps, single player and multiplayer a few seconds ago. Basically this one is regarding the cinematic at the Dxun Duel with the Sith Lords map. There may be a rare chance that the trigger on the audio for the middle Sith Lord may not trigger, but for the tests I made, the chances are rare. It has happened to me 1 in about 20 tries. If it happens to you, I am not exactly sure if you are super lucky or not. But to fix this, just reset the mission and it should work fine. Sorry about that!


1.- This package replaces three sky textures. These are Coruscant for Telos Citadel Station Under Attack. Then, Boba_night for Citadel Station. Next, The Ravager sky for Byss and finally Malachor for Vjun. In any case and for convenience. In case you need to use the bot files or maps beyond or outside the modded folder. If you want to use the original skies again. Just remove the respective sky .pk3 from your base or modded folders. Again they go like this:

  • MALACHORSKY.pk3 – Reeplaces Vjun sky.
  • CITADELSKY.pk3 – Reeplaces Boba_Night sky.
  • TELOSSKY.pk3 – Reeplaces Coruscant sky.
  • RAVAGERSKY.pk3 – Reeplaces Byss sky.

Remember, if you don’t want the KotOR 2 skies anymore, or any sky from the list. Just remove the .pk3 from your modded or base folders.

2.- The bots will be released in a standalone version online which also includes sabers only bots or by default the KotOR weapons bots. I made these for the Multiplayer map pack, but remember. These do not work alone. They need some of the modded files to work properly. (RELEASED! see below for more details)

3.- The V2 multiplayer map pack is also released in standalone version. See below please, thank you.

4.- For version 1.1, credit names were added to the list. Laisum for the HUD and Torlen AKA RevanKnight for the sith master and sith assassin models. Thank you!

5.- If you don’t like the new saber effects, you can easily remove them by erasing the file “KOTOR2DuelsSaberEffects.pk3”

Not sure if I missed something, but I think that’s it. I hope you like this update and definitely if you have some time, check the mp bots and maps. These provide a great experience if you like KotOR stuff. Citadel Station is my personal favorite to battle these bots.


Standalone addons:

SWJKA Multiplayer Map Pack V2:

Download SWJKA KotOR 2 Duels Multiplayer Map Pack V2 - Mod DB

SWJKA 75 bot-pack:

Download SWJKADuels KotOR V1.1 Bots Standalone Version - Mod DB



For this 1.1:

Laisum for the KotOR HUD

Torlen AKA RevanKnight for the sith master and sith assassin models.

For more detailed information regarding credits for past versions. I invite you to come and take a look at the credits folder that is included in the 1.1 Version of the mod. There are readmes and a credit file. Thank you!

V1.1 + Fix Pack 1 - Mod patched 21st June 2018th:

Please re-download the mod package. (Standalone addon downloads had been patched too).

Quick-fix 1 Patch Notes:

-Fixed Revan Encounter Mission, now things break properly around the map.
-Fixed Trayus Core Duel distance issues, also fixed an issue in the map regarding an invisible area behind the main platform.
-Fixed the same map in MP.
-Fixed a bot issue, Calo Nord appeared as Sith_Sword. It is fixed now and shows proper name.
-Fixed a menu issue with the music. Now, the trayus core battle plays the right song.
-Fixed TwinSuns audio, changed to Alora.
-Calo Nord bot is now using a vibrosword instead of a lightsaber if using the KotOR 2 Bot Weapons package.
-Fixed the lightsaber menu texture and text for multiplayer.
-Fixed Datapad menu and text colors.
-Fixed Multiplayer character selection texture and text menu.
-Fixed warnings in the cheat menu and the in-game menu.
-Fixed Issues with two songs in the cheat menu displaying a warning for 22k stereo.
-Fixed Malak sounds as a player.

Quick Fix 4th August 2018.

-Fixed an issue with the ceiling on the Korriban Darth Sion Map.
-Removed extras from the same map and fixed several decoration brushes.
-Fixed several small details on the Citadel Station maps lightning, textures and geometry.
-Updated V2 map-pack with current fixes.
-Fixed Several map issues with the Darth Sion Duel on Korriban.
-Revised Citadel Station Under Attack Part 3 Map and fixed several issues with geometry, lightning and textures.
-Revised Citadel Station Docks Map, fixed a geometry issue and fixed texture placement on a key area.

Quick Fix 6th to 8th August 2018 (08/08/2018).

-Extra small fixes needed for the Citadel Station maps - textures and geometry fixed.
The following maps had been revised:

Telos Citadel Station Multiplayer
-Fixed plenty of geometry issues around the map.
-Re-worked texture placement and completely retextured several areas.
-Fixed several brushes with invisible faces.
-Reworked several areas to improve the outside design when looking at the apartment windows.
-Added several brushes to improve layout for extra areas.
-Added an easter egg. Noclip needs to be used to see it properly.

Telos Citadel Station Under Attack Part 1, 2 and 3
-Fixed white spots on the skybox corners for these maps.

Telos Citadel Station Under Attack Part 2
-Same fixes as the Multiplayer map.

Telos Citadel Station Under Attack Part 3
-Same fixes as the Multiplayer map.

Telos Citadel Station Docks Multiplayer
-Fixed several texture issues.
-Fixed geometry in lower and upper areas of the map.
-Re-done Botroutes to avoid bots jumping around the left hall that connects to the hangar.

Telos Citadel Station Docks SinglePlayer
-Improved layout of the map. Same revisions as Multiplayer map.

Dxun Mandalorian Outpost Multiplayer
-Improved distance render for multiplayer.

Aprox. more than 20 to 30 hours spent on fixes since the first one after the V1.1 release so far.


Quick Fix Patch 13th February 2019th.

Fixes Atris Duel Map/Level. Cameras now play segments properly during cinematics.

KotOR 2 Duels Atris Duel Cinematic Fix for Patch 1 1

Standalone fix:

Download SWJKA - Kotor 2 Duels Atris Map Cinematic Fix for Patch 1.1 - Mod DB

Note: more small patches may come. There is also a high probability that this may be my last JKA mod update ever. I hope you enjoy the mod! :)



Jesus F.G./JamyzGenius

knightstorn - - 2 comments

Hello! I hope you are very well. I wanted to know if I have to download the main version first (I guess I do) and then this patch, since because of the weight it looks like a full version. Excuse my ignorance I am something new modifying this game. Greetings.

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