A mod featuring some of the most important duels of KotOR 2. Plans can happen for a KotOR 1 Remake and a possible mod extension. Please note that this is a dueling mod. Several features were modified to fit the gameplay of Jedi Academy. This is not an RPG mod.

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This patch aims at improving gameplay by revisiting the core version of the mod in almost all of its areas. By now, the experience of the mod should be a little bit more enjoyable in Singleplayer. But this time I decided to expand a little bit into Multiplayer by adding bots and including the revised V2 multiplayer map-pack.

SW Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - KotOR 2 Duels V1.1

everytime I launch the game from bat or in game threw SP it crashes back to desktop without an error

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JamyzGenius Author

Hi Obotos123,

I do not know which game version you are using, but I recommend the following:

1.- If using Steam. Be sure to not have other mods/addons/builds installed. This is vital because I do not know if another JKA modifications are incompatible with my mod. Including Re-shade or similar modifications.
2.- If using vanilla JKA (non steam version), be sure to use a original copy. My mod has conflicts with pirated versions of JKA in multiplayer. Not exactly sure about Single-player.
3.- If using a vanilla JKA (non steam version) copy, please install the Official Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01.
4.- If nothing of the above works for the vanilla JKA version. Please do a clean installation and then install the current KotOR 2 Duels Mod.
5.- If after this nothing works. I do not have more answers right now. I deeply apologize about any inconveniences. But, it should work with these suggestions.

So far, I tried the mod with the Steam Version and the Vanilla JKA 1.01 version. Tried with two clean installations and my development installation. Also tried with two different computers with a Steam and Non-Steam installations. I went ahead and also tried the current mod build on a clean Steam installation today after I saw your comment. Everything is working fine on this end (Both Single-player and Multiplayer working well), but the issue you are having could be even at hardware level.

I do not know exactly what can be the issue on your end because I do not know what kind of hardware you are running the mod with, and what copy of the game you have. If these suggestions do not work. Please, let me know which copy/game version you are using, and if possible what kind of processor and video card you are running JKA with. Also, if you can. Please let me know if your copy runs fine without the mod installed. This will allow me to help you further.

Something important to note, is that if the problem is regarding the OS. I do not know if this mod runs beyond Windows. I apologize in advance if you are using an OS that is not Windows. I do not have a fix for that.

Hope this helps, and if you can play the mod after these suggestions. I hope you like it.

Best Regards,

PS: If you are having issues while installing the mod. Please check the Install Instruction video I made:

Video Link: Moddb.com

I hope this helps too.

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