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A New update on this RPG Mythical Hotel game - 'Sleeping with third eye open' | Odd patterns, weird markings, Hotel Renovation and Staffs Reevaluation. - Update #00

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This will be a first big update for while for this hotel game and do stay tune for more in the following months. These many months, I've been polishing the game design decisions on Its aesthetic style and game-play :


There have been a lot of artwork redone, more solidify the theme and the art direction, decision made.Because I really feel that, the previous game looks are lost in its art direction. Its identity and style has not being really consistent.

So I want to have the game being more grim ,but still have its vibrant feature. More consistent of colors ,odd patterns, layering of textures. Another thing I’m excited to add is 'unmoving pattern' technique in animation. Taking advantage of the game being isometric, It creates some kind of visual illusion in its ambiguity in-between 2D and being 2.5D which i really find virtually fascinating and somewhat hypnotizing.

There's also still much research i need to do on regarding of designing an identity for South-east Asian on reflecting its architecture and aesthetic. I will be uploading more art and design process in these couple months in details. A Full hotels layout look should be expected soon.

The screenshot above should cover the overall look of the game.I'm planned to work on applying with the dynamic light so it should make more appealing scene by then.


I have been developing 'conversation' mechanism that allow player dialogue to be less restricted and more natural flow of conversation. Plus,having a UI: icons is help give a clear translation ,indication or emphasize the tone of an option such as; a lie, diversion, question or ending the conversation. And having special option for 'supernatural ability' feature that can be use to affect conversation; convincing or manipulating etc.

The dialogue options also should act as a structure map of conversation, giving a visual direction on how the topic moves. Silence's always being a option if the player need to remove yourself from conversation in order to proceed in other action. I feel like time sensitivity is needed on some crucial conversation and also provide a consequence for back down on a conversation that somewhat is interrogation. Overall this's still in working process.


There has always been an itch of mine in an isometric-view game that I want to feel connected to the character portrait. Isometric view can make the characters so distant.Therefore, it's does depending on a text description on what's going on or a voice-acting. Animation should really put a life into a character portrait by showing facial features and emotion in real time. It also will put less weight into description and more into visual helping translate emotion or show any facial traces on what's going on.


It've been pretty interesting experience creating my first game.

It's indeed a process which im still learning as I'm making it.
Besides, it have been many years since I am back into drawing or even painting. Recent years,I have only been doing strictly a graphic design or plan drawing and 3d. so I still have a plenty to improve.

The one thing i am really proudly content is the story which i think it is pretty solid now. The challenge is to create believable convincing and vivid dialogue. The whole game experience should be art of creating suspense and unfolding the story which i'm really excited about.

I felt like my previous post of work have been done pretty rushy because of the situation of mine ,My hesitation and insecure to committing on the game. because something that do consume time and require dedication and may draining your life force if you're not careful. So, I gotta strive on passion and hope for more good opportunities that will come along in the making. :)

Thank you for keeping up with my game. Do check out the updated Game summary. And, Please, all the feedback are most welcome!

Please do follow for an monthly update ,more Introduction ,
And a special prequel-contents here on 'IndieDB' or Tigsource | GameJolt|

@3rdEyeSleeping or me : @ThreeEyeDude |

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