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Version 4.07 of Sven Co-op, the co-operative Half-Life mod, has just been released! This update features numerous small fixes and improvements.

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Sven Co-op 4.07 is here! Note that this update also includes all changes from last week's hotfix releases.

The New M40A1 Sniper Rifle! The New M40A1 Sniper Rifle!


- Numerous improvements to Half-Life SP storyline support
- Added a work-around for a trigger_teleport crash bug
- Reduced default model precache usage
- Revived allies retain the correct head and skin colour
- Fixed a rare Gargbite issue where player could become stuck
- Dropammo support added/fixed for some weapons
- Melee weapons make correct sounds when hitting metal allies
- Fixed a skill.cfg issue
- Skill.cfg settings added for: Stukabat, Osprey, Black Ops Osprey, Tentacle
- Updated the Sven Co-op FGD file (for mappers)
- Player model options added to the Commandmenu
- Updates to manual and *server_example.cfg files
- Minor fix to server options
- Minor model fixes for Uzis and sc_royals
- Fixed an issue on escape_series.bsp (portal map)
- Solved Ripent missing dll errors on some systems(?)
- Included latest donation bonus Steam ID list

- Added monster_op4loader.
- Added opengl mode for env_fog to support Steam Half-Life.
- Added new command: cl_stopsound -- Works just like the stopsound command from Half-Life, but for the Sven Co-op sound engine.
- Updated FMOD Ex to v4.24 for the new sound engine.
- Flesh Gibs now properly float.
- Gargantuas no longer eat turrets or snarks.
- Removed console command that crashed servers.
- Some potential crash bugs were fixed for animation code w/ controllers, and the multisource entity's use function.
- Fixed Babygarg crash bug when being killed by a Gargantua's explosion.
- Minor tweak for minigun, fixed crash bug with rendering code.
- Crash fix for world-lit particle system objects.
- Fixed minor issue with the new donor feature spawning in walls.
- Specified shocktrooper's eye position to a static value to fix some model issues.
- Minor sound engine fixes for sound output.
- Minor tweak to Tor's speaking function.
- Minor client-side reloading tweak.

Note: This is an update, not a full installer. You must already have Sven Co-op version 4.x installed (e.g. 4.0B or 4.06). Next up is Sven Co-op v4.1, which is set to solve reconnection issues and add some new content. Stay tuned for progress updates (assuming we have time for them). Some team members were also discussing a possible SC mapping contest, so keep an eye out for that as well.



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Awesome, downloading for sure

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Sweet. :D!

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Very Nice

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Too bad you haven't got Vavle's Steamworks support.

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SvenViking Author

Feel free to complain to Valve about that ;).

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can you see of "Zhouy" will let you use nuclear winter and bootleg squaredog for sven coop?

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