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Weapons are mostly done and am planning weekly video devlogs.

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In short, weapons are practically finished. I need to add a throw function and balance them still but otherwise they are practically done. The question is, will I need to modify them to work with the slo-mo and if so how much. The plan for slo-mo to be faked in Doom is a combination of ACS and Decorate (most likely using a GetActorProperty kind of script to get the player's speed and mess with the tics of other stuff like enemy actors, weapons, and projectiles). We'll see how that goes when the time comes.

To-do list for the upcoming week:
1. Get weapon throwing functional.
2. Convert all the needed sprites from the MarineSkinsV7 pack into the SuperDoom art style.
3. Make enemies functional.

Also, I plan on doing one of these devlogs every Saturday night to be consistent.


He-hey, this looks like a respectable mod.
Video was high quality, smooth as butter, the mod seems like a good idea, and it just gives a good taste in my mouth. Like those, beans that you purchase in the store. The quality ones, yes, they taste good.

So in conclusion: I love beans.

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When a spark of creativity hits the spot on the right time.

Here's my 2 cents.

1,2, 11: Art assets are the hardest part, applies tripled if you are also considering it to be compatible to Brutal DOOM, which the gore sprites requires a whole lot of art mastering and coding. To give you an additional boost, there is a specific style of filtering/blurring applied to the assets of Superhot. But I forgot which sharpening filter is applied, but it is available through Photoshop though.

3, 4: D4D also uses similar functions which pauses the game. However none have discovered the ACS for slow mo. I have a very inefficient workaround method, that is to manipulate Each and Every monster's behaviour according to your movement speed.

5, 6, 7, 9: Up to your own spark of creativity. Gain inspiration not just from Superhot, but from other games that you think the feature is admirable and fitting to the theme of your mod.

8, 10: I can't give you my opinion on these aspects since I never coded on GLOOME nor DOOM 1. As most of the Doom mods uses DOOM 2 and gzdoom as the base.

Finally, good luck with your mod. I have several expectations on this mod. :)

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LudusRegard Author

1,2,11: I already got a workflow for the art assets that translates DOOM sprites into a psuedo SUPERHOT art style. It's not 1:1 but isn't meant to be, more evoking the feeling rather than exact replication. Also Brutal Doom is more of way later on stretch goal than anything. If I did compatibility for it, it'd be similar to the Vanilla doom compatibility (making the game play off the time mechanics only, no art asset swaps).

3,4: My workaround (which I still need to test) was to use a mix of ACS and Decorate. Pretty much the same as yours but I will see how far I can push that trick. I think it should be fine for the most part but things related to physics will need a pretty big workaround. I plan on spending at least a week figuring it out, someone on the zdoom forums made a timescale console function that I am pretty sure eventually got completed so I know that it at least might be possible.

5,6,7,9: I've been taking a few notes from Hotline: Miami as the more I got into this project, the more I started noticing how SUPERHOT in fast motion is just fps Hotline: Miami. If I can't get slow mo to work as good as I want it to, I'll just amp up the pace to hit that visceral Hotline: Miami feel.

8,10: GLOOME is based of zdoom, as long as all the decorate/ACS stuff I use still works it should be seemless. If not, then either extensive workarounds or can't do it. Also I should've clarified "Vanilla" Doom. I meant the vanilla wads, not trying to make it DOOM95 DOSBOX compatible.

Anyways, thanks for your two cents and hopefully the mod will live up to any of the expectations it set up. Feedback is always appreciated.

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Good to see that what you have in mind is more than what I anticipated. Now I have high expectations for this mod. :)

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Tracking? xD

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Hey this might help you some :the superhot team modded the quake engine for this purpose:

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