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USE GZDOOM 2.3.2 or 2.4.0!!! Read description for changelog.

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So in case you didn't know, the announcement for the SuperHot contest winners has been delayed to April 25th.

-Photo taken from SuperHot's twitter

If the winners were announced today, I was going to post a short list of my favorite entries from the competition but I'll hold off on that until the winners are announced. As far as the future of SuperDoom goes, I plan on doing a Beta 3 version next or just jumping straight to the final release. I also would like to thank everyone who has done a video on SuperDoom and those who have given me feedback. I didn't note this in the changelog but I have the ACS sources released in the BETA 2 .pk3 file so if you mod doom go check that out. I didn't put any notes in the code but a lot of it is straightforward and simple stuff so most people who only know the basics of ACS should have a general idea of how everything was done. Most things were done via Decorate but ACS made it so things like enemy movement speed changed. The main thing ACS does is give all enemies with a TID of 2 a dummy item that makes them use their "slow" states. Anyways go check all of that out.

Download SuperDoom BETA2 - Mod DB


  • Picking up weapons have been changed. Now they work like switches. Basically the bug requiring players to be moving to pick up weapons has been fixed, you can stand still and press use to pick up a weapon if it is close enough to you now. This also fixed another issue where if the player held the use key and ran over more than one weapon they would end up throwing weapons unintentionally. Now it is closer to a traditional shooter's pickup system.
  • Weapon pickup message added.
  • Weapon throwing has gotten slight alterations. There is no longer a throwing animation but that fixed all issues throwing could've had (for example, sometimes it would throw two guns from only one gun). Along with that, the removal of the animations means that weapon throws are more instantaneous and responsive.
  • Balancing changes. Projectiles now move at a speed about the same as SuperHot retail, enemy animations play slower, and enemies now take much longer breaks in between shots than previously. In short, the mod is now more accurate to SuperHot retail and is much easier. All around it is a much more enjoyable experience.

Future Plans

  • Add throwable objects.
  • Add weapon pickup prompt.
  • Rebalance further.
  • Add new levels and revamp old ones.
  • Redo the melee attacks to work closer to Brutal Doom's.
  • Add "SuperHot" aesthetic things (maybe a new font, more noises, etc.)
  • Make enemies spawn a dynamic light for the muzzle flash.
  • Make a universal version to work with original Doom wads (or any wads that exclusively use vanilla Doom assets).
  • Eventually redo as much of it possible in ZScript.
  • Make it work as an IWAD and remove dependency on the DOOM2 wad file (this would mean a GZDoom GPL standalone release).

Might as well tease what my next Doom project is anyways so here is the hint: Installation 04.

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