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Dark times are coming, Darkness Within mod development put to a sudden halt !! we need YOU to go on with this project !! no money needed, only free Time and good Will !!

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Hello followers and friends,

Some of you know from the Relic News clash that occurred some weeks ago that Darkness Within mod progress is suspended for an indefinite time.
i decided to stop all mission coding and mapping for the moment due to Argonaut focus on his real life.
this doesn't mean that Darkness Within is dead, I'm going to use this pause in our development to gather critical assets that the mod is missing, especially in the model area.
Of course new units are important to a mod but more than unit, environmental models are even more important to give lide and ambiance to the scenario and story.

so I'm after :

+Gothic architectural set to build imperial 40k city, especially cathedral church or imperial cult building
but also industrial and residential areas.

+unique civilian models to put in game NPC characters in the imperial civilian area (from workers to noble cast individuals) with basic animation like talking.

+Planetary Defense Force building parts like original bunkers, trenches building and fortification and satellite dishes (big)

if any of you is willing to participate in these areas or is able to achieve and put model in game I'll be glad to accept any help.

thank to all for reading,


Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

You have my 100% support.

I bid you the best of ever getting these important assets, and have a great summer man.

I'm sorry I'm unable to help in the one thing I can't help you in.

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