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Come get your first look at the gameplay of Strawhart, a first-person puzzler with a unique 64-bit style.

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The Magic of Ingenuity

Welcome to our June update, where we’re finally getting to talk about Strawhart’s gameplay! From the start, we wanted to design puzzles that allow players to harness their creativity. This can be as simple as learning to use an old tool in a new way, or as transformative as turning a narrow abyss into your personal playground, but it’s that sense of creative discovery that is at the core of Strawhart. Pushing your boundaries and growing more powerful through sheer human ingenuity is a feeling like no other, and one we’ve tried to harness.

The Factorium

There's always a path forward

We’ve shaped our puzzle pieces around this central principle of enabling players’ creative sides. Each piece has multiple modes that you can toggle between at will. To get an idea of what we’re on about, we’d like you to check out the Spring Pad, one of the earliest puzzle pieces you’ll come across:

Spring Pad

Introducing the Spring Pad

In its default, un-powered state you’ll be able to pick up the spring pad, move it around, and re-orient it however you like. Hit it with a blast of concentrated magic though, and it’ll send you soaring through the air. Use an amplification blast, and instead of launching you, the Spring Pad will emit a vortex, drawing everything in the vicinity towards it. Here’s a short video to show the basics of the Spring Pad in action:

We hope that little snippet was enough to get you thinking of all the ways you can use Spring Pads, whether you’re traversing the woods of Westharrow, or exploring the dead city of Valecrest. Of course, the Spring Pad is merely one puzzle piece of many, all of which interact with each other in surprising and subtle ways.

That’s all for this update, but don’t go too far! We’ll be back soon with more puzzle pieces, more gameplay, and more Strawhart. In the meantime, why don’t you check out our Twitter for more updates, or leave a comment telling us what you think of everything? We’ll even bribe you with a sneak peek of our extremely safe and well-regulated third stage, the Gande Factorium:

Factorium Catwalk

The Factorium

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