Brave a unique fantasy world dripping with lore and danger. Strawhart is a first-person action-puzzler combining a rich narrative experience with gameplay that rewards ingenuity and skill. Prepare to explore four stylized worlds, each with its own story to tell and challenges to overcome. Utilize a slew of versatile magicks to bend the environment to your will and conquer over 75 mind-bending puzzles. Push your skills to the limit as you try to survive unforgiving finale encounters. Do you have what it takes to unravel the mystery of Strawhart?

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Strawhart’s Enter the Mindsquall update brings with it a much-anticipated content update for the Valecrest area including a completely new finale path, gunpowder-packed naval vessels, and a sunrise system.

strawhart1 5update


  • Added a brand-new alternate finale encounter: The Mindsquall
  • Revamped the Winged Abomination finale to play fairly. Increased readability of visual effects.
  • Added an opportunity to rescue a stranded critter (should you fail to do so in Westharrow)
  • Warships now carry gunpowder. Please do not operate an open flame within their vicinity.
  • The sun will now rise over Valecrest depending on your progression
  • You can now be haunted by a ghost


  • The homestead will now save your progress at critical points instead of saving only when you move to the next zone
  • Your mother will now warn you not to cross the crow infested bridge in the prologue

Straw Thanksgiving


  • Fixed an issue that caused the guardian to fly at an incorrect rotation
  • Fixed issue where ritual gourds would not break after falling into the abyss
  • Increased time gourd ritual is allowed to be dropped


The Factorium

  • Overhauled the finale sequence to improve navigability
  • More misfires now occur during the finale; serbots can short-circuit

The Ruins

  • Improved postal system
  • The finale is now better telegraphed, normalized event timers



  • Phase panels will now acknowledge colorblind mode settings regardless of if they are rotated horizontally or vertically
  • Air Sigils will now always acknowledge colorblind mode settings


  • Abilities that have not yet been encountered will be hidden in the command menu.


  • Significant CPU and draw call optimization across the entire game
  • Improved audio during the third cultist ritual

Fixes: General

  • Corrected many spelling and grammatical errors in apocrypha and dialogue text
  • Fixed rare issue where the screen would turn black after a ritual
  • Fixed an issue where bomb pumpkins would not respawn


Strawhart: DEMO AVAILABLE October 1-7

Strawhart: DEMO AVAILABLE October 1-7


A special demo for Strawhart will be playable from October 1 to October 7 as a part of Steam Next Fest.

Strawhart has LAUNCHED!

Strawhart has LAUNCHED!


Strawhart is OUT NOW! Come start a cult as you look to resurrect an ancient evil in this irresponsible action-puzzler filled with things looking to kill...

Strawhart: New Gameplay Trailer

Strawhart: New Gameplay Trailer

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Start a cult and resurrect an ancient evil in Strawhart, an irresponsible action-​puzzler in a beautiful stylized world. Enjoy our new trailer!

Strawhart: New Area Reveal + Discord Launch

Strawhart: New Area Reveal + Discord Launch


Start a cult and resurrect an ancient evil in Strawhart, an irresponsible action-puzzler filled with things looking to kill you. Read on to get a glimpse...

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Nothing gets me six to midnight like these updates. Keep it up!

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