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Read about destructive solutions and the basics of puzzle chaining in Strawhart's July gameplay breakdown.

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You Won't Find Any Keys in Strawhart

It’s great to be back again with the July update! We’ve got plenty to share this time around, so we’ll jump right into it with some new gameplay:

Opening Doors

Knock, Knock

In Strawhart, you don’t go around obstacles—you go through them. The puzzles you’ll be confronted with are set in an active, destructible environment. You’ll have to think creatively and analyze your surroundings if you want to succeed.

You’ll also have to be aware of the puzzle pieces you have at your disposal, and the various ways they can interact with each other. We call these puzzle chains. For example, the Spring Pad that we debuted last month can draw objects towards itself and then shoot them through the air. The unstable pumpkin in the gif above is prone to exploding—combine the two and you’ve got yourself an impromptu cannon.

As you figure out ways to chain puzzle pieces together, you’ll find your capabilities skyrocket, with more and more of the world opening up before you.

A Simple Puzzle Chain

A Basic Puzzle Chain

Steady Progress

We’ve been working to bring you Strawhart for over a year now, and sometimes we forget how far the game has come. The way assets and systems trickle in week by week can make changes subtle at times. With that in mind, we wanted to show off a development time-lapse of a bridge in Westharrow. The first scene is from a July 2017 build of Strawhart, with the second scene being the modern incarnation. See if you can spot all of the differences!

Westharrow Bridge Progress

Abridged Development

The Fall of Valecrest

To Close out this month's update, we're teasing a little more of Valecrest, the glaciated port city that has been beset by unknown forces. When you first got a peek at the city way back in the February Update, we talked about how verticality would play a major role in how you traversed the city and its dizzying spires.

Valecrest Battlements

The Valecrest Battlements

What we neglected to mention, is that verticality goes both ways in the ruined metropolis. With a blizzard raging above, and a dark entity patrolling the streets, you'll sometimes find yourself forced to descend deep underground. Down beneath the city's oldest foundations, the Catacombs await. They'll offer you brief shelter from the surface, but offer you no guarantees that you'll ever see the sun again.

The Catacombs

You'll Probably Be Fine

Thanks For Reading

We hope you enjoyed the July Update! Strawhart has come a long way in just one short month, so we're hoping you'll stick around to see what the next month brings. We've got some exciting stuff in the pipeline including a look at some of the creatures you'll encounter throughout your journey. In the meantime you can sign up for our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter. If you've got any questions, or liked what you saw here, feel free to leave a comment as well!

The Last Hour of Light

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