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A breakdown of the last 2 months work. Plus some bonus gifs- hurrah!

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Diligently working away here, I haven't disappeared! Apologies for the lack of updates for such a long time. The list of things to implement grows smaller every day, and every day I feel more and more excited/scared about releasing. Anyway, since last time I have:

  • Implemented 14 out of around 20 different enemy types.
  • Created a responsive keyboard-based input method for controlling the character in the top-down combat.
  • Written most of the procedural area generation code for generating rocks, fire, barriers. Needs a bit more variety and needs resources to be placed for the player to collect.
  • Removed the magazine mechanic, and replaced with a better, mysterious mechanic.
  • Written a basic 2D light system that is A) fast (doesn't use the Physics engine) and B) free.
  • Tied the menu, exploration, and combat screens together, making it possible to actually play it as a whole.
  • Written a procedural map generator with on-the-fly region generation.
  • Increased the amount of data saved to XML, allowing regions and maps to be saved and loaded (as well as characters, enemies, inventories, etc).
  • Implemented Grid-Based pathfinding for enemies.
  • Crafting...?

Going to keep the updates light from now on. If you haven't already, please do follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links on first post). I'll be trying to update those more regularly as development goes on. For now here's a couple of quick teaser gifs.

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