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The HL:R machine has been chugging on without any real hiccups. The shotgun and revolver animations are done, the sounds are mixed and everything is properly compiled. Result can be seen in the following two vids:

(a video of the revolver reload with sounds can be found at

357 in-game Grenade

The revolver is probably the most finicky and biggest pain in the ass to work on, so progress should be steady now that those animations are done (are they?). The grenade, modeled by Kaskad and textured by Dr. Hubbler, will most likely come next, since I already have the source files I need. Might be fun, will see.

Other than that, I've made some small adjustments to the shotgun animations, the alternate shooting animation in particular. I think it looks better now than it did in the video, but it's nothing big enough that would warrant making and uploading another video of it. The HEV arms are still being worked on. I'll be using Stone's textures for the sleeves, with some edits to make them less grainy and "war-torn" (this isn't 2008 any more). The racing-stripe highlight on the back of the arm upsets me though, and will be made wider. The rest of the hand textures will be updated and colored according to the sleeve, when that's done. Finishing the animations is more important at this time, so the hand models/textures in the screenshots and videos can be considered placeholders.

Urby recently raised the issue with HL's FOV that seemingly distorts and stretches out the model in first-person view. I've been working with Goldsrc for quite some time, but it never really occurred to me that I could adjust the model's proportions to look better in 1st-person (I was aware of the default HD models of course), so I did some quick experimenting.


Apparently it's pretty simple to "fix", and would only need some small edits afterward (as you can see in the gif, the model looks bigger after editing - it'll need to be scaled down a tad). It's only useful to do on longer weapons though, such as the SMG and maybe the shotgun. Here's a side shot of the v_model to give you an idea:


Similar thing as the default HD models.

Also, since I'm too lazy to download and install BMS: could someone help me out by sending the BMS crossbow and RPG models with VTFs? Took a look around, but can't really find good replacement models for those two. Cheers.

That's all for now. Class dismissed.

Marek33 - - 3,890 comments

Even if those hands are placeholders they would be amazing for opposing force (I'm just crossing my fingers for an opposing force version). I don't need it right now but I hope you will start it in the future.

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

I've noticed model distortions and stretches maybe once, in those bad HL2 weapon ports ( SMG for example : ), and was asking myself, what's wrong with it, and now we have the answer, thanks to Urby and your way of fixing it. Forced variation looks much better. But the more I play HL1 the less I feel like using HD models, they just don't fit to "LD" world in my opinion. I still support&highly; appreciate your work, and I really like the way you animate weapons. I will definitely check out your mod when it comes out.

Sent you the stuffs from BMS, they're from steam release. Check your PM.

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Hardflex Author
Hardflex - - 110 comments

Got the files, thanks for those. Unfortunately the xbow is more ugly than I thought so I'll keep looking around for a suitable replacement for a bit longer. Might compile the default HD models on these anims (or get someone else to do it), but nothing is certain yet.

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zzz124 - - 47 comments

You should check out r1chards crossbow if you haven't already.

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Hardflex Author
Hardflex - - 110 comments

Thanks for the tip. Took a look and it's better than the BMS one, but still not up to par I think.

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darth252 - - 158 comments


Meh half life is so boring now frankly sick of seeing this game and the mods for it.

THe brutal mod was fun for a while but at this point we all deserve a brand new half life story.

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Hardflex Author
Hardflex - - 110 comments

Then why are you here?

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MadixGaming - - 1 comments

Wow. it looks amazing. When it's going to be released?

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