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It's been a couple months, so I figured a status update would be appropriate.

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It's been a couple months, so I figured a status update would be appropriate. I'm still working on the mod at a decent pace. The latest project is the Queen, Praetorian, and all new Pred-Alien models. Soon I will have pictures of the new tail model as seen in first person when playing the Alien.

For those who aren't following, I've been busy converting the multiplayer maps to true high-resolution textures. It's a big job and I managed to get a huge chunk of the multiplayer maps done then completed the first singleplayer Predator map "Waterfall". I plan on releasing them all together in a package separate from the Redux mod itself. It's a pretty big download. There's a ton of shots in the screenshots section.

Here's another thing I discovered about the AvP Classic engine. This one floored me. Since Rebellion updated the renderer to direct3d 9 (d3d9) for the Steam re-release of AvP, I figured it should support advanced lighting and shaders. Well as a matter of fact, with the ENBSeries you can easily activate modern graphics features such as bloom, occlusion, indirect lighting, etc. with a simple hotkey. And with the settings balanced just right it looks amazing. I took pictures, but you really have to see it in motion. Here's how to set it up:

-Download the Deus Ex ENB Series here:

-Extract all the files into \Steam\steamapps\common\aliens versus predator classic
NOT their own folder! The d3d9 stuff has to be in the same folder as AvP_Classic.exe for it to work.

-Start the game. You should see some white text at the top of the screen indicating Deus Ex ENBSeries is working.

-While playing a map hit Shift + F12 to turn the enhanced lighting/shaders on. You can turn it on and off on the fly just by hitting Shift + F12.

To tweak the settings such as the level of bloom, brightness, contrast, whatever, open enbseries.ini with notepad and have fun. Also, keep an eye out on my thread at the Steam forums here
I posted my updated settings and discoveries, but you may like to set things up differently. I highly recommend checking this out. Enjoy.

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