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Recently I have been receiving help working on the mod, and this has picked up the pace regarding development, with many new features being implemented in a matter of weeks. I have to say, for once I am very happy working on this mod, as I no longer feel completely alone and fumbling through the dark to get things working. 1.07.1 is nearly finished now, I am on the eve of an ammunition overhaul, and possibly a new build of ZoA which will break everything again for us to rebuild.

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As many of you have seen in the two latest videos, and the images of new items in development, there has been a lot of activity going on recently. I've shown a number of different features, some of which don't seem like they have that much of a purpose, but many of them will compliment each other in different ways once all of the pieces here fall into place.

The ultimate aim of these things is to expand on combat, inventory management, and to add things that increase the sense of order and categorization of how groups in the Zone manage their resources.

The patch is close to being finished, and when it is, it will be out of the alpha phase, this means I can wrap up the treasure manager, and the still missing item description strings.

I have had a lot of help recently, and I am very grateful for it. TKGP has helped me immensely with implementing features that would either take a very long time to learn how to do, or have simply eluded me for a long time. I'm not going to break his back with work, In fact I might even have to ask that we don't feature-creep this thing because very soon I want to merge in something big that will make the mod a clusterfuck again. Don't worry, this time I'll leave the previous build of the mod up, the 1.08 build will be too big to host on Moddb.
As I said in the summary, we're on the eve of the ammunition overhaul, but I don't think that it will fully make it into 1.07.1. I might have to port it back from the new build once it is finished. Still most of the things in it are already done, just not the actual changing of boxed ammo itself, which is a massive pain in the ass that will require editing almost every type of ammo used in the game to be replaced by splittable box items, and then re-using the old boxed ammo slots for new ammo types, and that might require splitting the magazines to accommodate them. In short that part is a complete and total quagmire that would delay 1.07.1 for a long time, so I'm not doing it now.


ZOA 1.07.1 (alpha version 9) build no. 2517

Arms textures v4 for ZOA (addon for ZOA)

loner85 - - 3,281 comments

Keep on making this mod! It is awesome :D

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FatalFunnel Author
FatalFunnel - - 709 comments

It will only get better in the coming months.

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zoober - - 35 comments

So good to hear that you're going to work on this mod. Good luck!

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Xari - - 37 comments

Thank you for the update man, your mod has been my favorite so far for SoC.

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ragafragamagawaga - - 31 comments

How big, in terms of gigabytes do you think the mod will be once it is finished? I'm thinking of around 8-9 gigs. Also, this is an amazing mod.

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