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Continuing our updates, below is a change-log covering our progress since we last weeks post. Most of the changes are already on the public GD, or will be arriving in the next few hours.

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Stargate Invasion Progress Report August (Week 4)


Continuing our updates, below is a change-log covering our progress since last weeks.

Support for the Google Groups has been DISCONTINUED

We have discontinued support for the files currently available through the Google Groups. The reason for this is that Google has unfortunately been unable to provide consistent and timely access to these files for all members.

In order to reduce the need to constantly troubleshoot missing file issues, we are currently looking at providing a GitHub repository. This repository is already available to our team and we have started working within it instead of uploading changes to our various Google Groups.

GitHub also offers a desktop version (GitHub Desktop) which can be used in a similar way to the Google Drive desktop app, we are testing this now to see if files are provided consistently across our team. As soon as we are ready, a link to this repository will be posted on the public Google Group, on our Discord channel and on Moddb. You will be able to either download the zipped repo directly, or you can use the GitHub desktop app to clone and sync this repository if you prefer. The process seems less convoluted than with the google app and tutorial videos for GitHub Desktop are available on YouTube.

Please refrain from attempting to push changes to the server, if you want to suggest a change (some ability or other fixes) contact us directly on our Discord channel before doing so.

Spotlight Videos

For anyone that wishes to post spotlight videos featuring SGI:

- Please mention that this is an early access build and that not everything is as we intend it to be

- Since this is an incomplete mod, don't treat the spotlight video as a review. Presenting the work is fine but comments about what should have been included are obviously not since we may already have plans that we haven't stated. Once we are ready, we will let you all know that reviewing is in order.

- Before making the video, download and install the mod again from google drive so that you are featuring the latest version.

- Check that the file count is correct. Current numbers are: With Google Drive Sync: 7108 files, 11 folders
Without Sync: 7096 files, 11 folders. (CHECKED ON AUGUST 25, Support for the Google Group has been DISCONTINUED starting August 29.)

Thanks for sticking to the above! Now for our change-log:

Abilities & Research

Here are some ideas we have discussed for Artifacts:

  • Goa'uld Data Device (proposed Artifact) - Asurans find a Goa'uld data device and from it discover how the Goa'uld once overloaded a ZPM to use as a weapon. Something the Asurans would never think of but having realized the potential for destruction and the danger the expanding organic beings pose they decide to implement it. A new ship class becomes available, small and fast only carrying a hyperdrive, shields and the rigged ZPM. Once at the target location it detonates to incredible destructive power. Knowing far more about ZPM technology, the Asurans are able to tailor the explosive power ensuring that only Orbital structures and organic beings on the planet are destroyed leaving the planet and its resources largely intact.

The above are not final and they may change as we move forward.

New Abilities:

  • Asuran ZPM Research was created that is dependent on the ZPM Artifact being discovered. It provides access to the Asuran ZPM Resupply ability (also new), this ability has a global effect on all Asuran ships providing a permanent 50% (currently, needs more balancing) ability cooldown. It is said that the discovery of the Lantean ZPM helped the Asurans redesign their versions of the Zero Point Modules to match the efficiency and power of the late Lantean ZPM technology;).
  • Created and added the following abilities to Asuran Orion class ships
    • Asuran_AbilityCapital_AdvancedTargetingSensors
    • Asuran_AbilityCapital_LightSpeed
  • Created and added the following abilities to Asuran Alastor class ships
    • Asuran_AbilityCapital_SpecialistsNanites
    • Asuran_AbilityCapital_AcceleratedNanites
  • Created and added the following abilities to Asuran Origin class ships
    • Asuran_AbilityCapital_CloakFleet
    • Asuran_AbilityCapital_AdaptedImmunity

We welcome suggestions for possible Artifacts or research based on Artifacts both for currently available and potential new ones. Post your ideas in the comments section of this progress report and we will see if they can be incorporated into the new Exploration research sections.


- Fixed the ZPM Artifact Description.

- Some Asuran ship ability strings were changed slightly to reduce their length. All Asuran ship ability strings and descriptions should now be within the InfoCard boundaries .

- Changed Wave weapon string to Laser.

- Changes Phase Missile weapon string to Drone.

- New unique strings were added for the Upkeep abilities, names and descriptions were written.

- Updated descriptions for Tau’ri military research

- Updated descriptions on Tau’ri heroes


For All available Factions:

  • Upkeep Reworked:
    • The upkeep ability will no longer be placed on each ship but will be on the Capital and Frigate factories (the exception are Titans which have unique Upkeep. These have also been updated to fit in with the new cost structure).
    • The above means that all Frigates and Cruisers will have the same per ship costs and all capitals will also have the same costs amongst each other but will have different cost values than Frigates and Cruisers.
    • Upkeep costs were lowered and a hybrid upkeep was introduced. Upkeep is now both present as a percentage of total income (ship slot research - lower values than vanilla) and as per ship upkeep drain (lower values than previously).
    • Multiple issues with the reworked general ship upkeep were solved (constrained the upkeep to exclude supporting Outlaw Sector Ships as well as Module Constructors, Envoys and Star Base Constructors; Corvettes will now be affected by the Frigate upkeep ability).
    • Updated Normal Start and Quick start game options.


For the Asuran Faction:

  • Changed default AutoCast state for the Asuran Observation ability to FALSE (available on CapitalColony Destiny)
  • Lowered build time of the Asuran Destiny class from 5 minutes to 50 seconds
  • Lowered Antimatter drain rate of Lightspeed ability from 30 to 4
  • Lightspeed Ability Auto Cast On By Default changed from True to False
  • Polus Scout damage was lowered from 100 down to 20.
  • Increased max number of levels for Capital cloak ability from 1 to 3.

Various Fixes

  • Asuran StarbaseConstructor Rhea Research now requires only 1 research station and not 2.
  • Asuran Beam Research was connected, all ships and stations with the Gate Satellite Beam weapon will now be improved.
  • Some Asuran frigates/cruisers that were using the lasers had their weapons set to the wrong weapon type and were not benefiting from the research.
  • Asuran Scout and GateSatellite haphazard movement issues have been resolved. Both Human and Asuran Scouts also had their Explore ability set to automatically execute so the scouts will immediately go off in search of new worlds upon creation;)
  • Asuran Orion Class Lasers can no longer attack Fighters
  • Asuran Orion Class Drones can now attack Fighters
  • Asuran Nemesis class is now designated as a Corvette
  • Removed old upkeep abilities and buffs
  • All Human Ship Shields were fixed (model clipping and other issues should now be resolved).
  • Volcanic and Ice Planet textures were fixed for the most part, we will eventually be making our own planet textures for some of these, possibly with additional planet types.
  • Increased the chance for Artifacts to be found. Artifacts will be a key part of SGI so we have upped the values by about 20%. The chance to find an Artifact is now 20% - 40% depending on the map, with a few at 45%. These values will likely be revisited if they are too high.

UI / Skin


  • Improved the race skins for window mode and other tweaks.
  • Added backdrop to the Main Screen Menu, changed Title from “Sins of a Solar Empire” to “Stargate Invasion”, and removed Sins DLC advertisements
  • Improved quality slightly of the Loading SGI screen
  • New icons for various research items
  • Cleaner icons for Asuran ships/structures that better match the style we used on the Tau’ri.
  • Updated race selection icons for Tau’ri
  • Added new images and improved the quality of the ship pictures displayed when a ship is selected.
  • Fixed incorrect ship pictures being displayed for various Tau’ri ships
  • More authentic graphic for Tau’ri Military weapon research
  • Military Research for Tau'ri reworked and set up tidier

research rework

Shieldimpact FX

The new ShieldImpactFX file was updated to recognize Faction shield colors

Shields for Tau'ri ships have also now been re-aligned to fix the clipping issues that were present on some ships

shield updates

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How about a crashed Tau'ri ship being one of the artifacts with effects going something like this:

A Crashed Tau'ri starship is discovered. This vessel is constructed with both technologies and more importantly principles alien to the older races of the pegasus and milky way galaxies. Considering this more utilitarian approach to starship design and technological use has led to several interesting discoveries.

Goa'uld: A small and fast cruiser or capital with several abilities and a cloak. The purpose of this ship is that you fly it behind enemy lines and disrupt key parts of their infrastructure, exactly what the Tau'ri did to the Goa'uld. It must have high Alpha damage, so it can attack quickly but isn't necessarily much good in a straight fight.*Modified Ha'tak? Unique ship?* *Buff vs structures?*

Tau'ri: Seeing how the vessel was destroyed has given insights into how better to design ships. *Health buff?*

Asurans: Looking at the design of the vessel has led researchers onto many paths, acknowledging their relative stagnation, and has caused them to make changes to their program. *Research faster, Unique abilities unlocked?*

Asgard: Considering the design of the Tau'ri vessel has reminded the Asgard of previous designs of their own people. With circumstances more desperate than ever, they decide to refit some ancient (Very old) ship classes and adapt them for use as disposable drone ships.

Wraith: Seeing the primitive vessel in many ways parallel their own, and realizing the inherent advantages of technology over biology in some areas a new Wraith ship is unlocked which focuses more heavily on hybridization. (The Wraith should perhaps get a hybrid ship with every race). This 'Wraithified' Tau'ri style ship combines the best of both worlds, with nonbiological reactors fueling powerful hull regeneration, However problems with combining the different types of command systems have left the weapons somewhat inaccurate leaving it as a more tanky ship, and vulnerable to fighters.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Really loving the progress you are making. Haven't played the game yet as I am patiently waiting for the the full mod to be released in all its glory. However, if you need any lore information, ideas, I am a HUGE stargate fan and know a lot about the lore and would be willing to help with providing descriptions and what not. Otherwise awesome job! Can't wait for more updates!

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mod crashes on every launch. how can i fix this i have tried every trick i know. but it still mini dumps and your instalation instructions have no troubleshooting for this and your tech support on steam is not only empty but i cant seem to type anything into it.

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Try Discord

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