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This post outlines our progress towards pre Alpha release at the end of April

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Stargate Invasion Progress Report


Hello everyone, here's an update of our progress. At the end of my post you will also find a voice lines survey that advent4351 has created.


All Asuran combat ship shields are complete and have been tested in game, about 20 of these were done over the past two weeks.

Models and UVs

The following ships were completed or updated/reworked (models, new UVs as well as starting scenes for Substance Painter texturing):

Antaeus (Capital Siege)

Origin (Capital Support)

Romulus (Capital Transport)

Ceres (Frigate Light)

Nemesis (Frigate Corvette)

All of the above also received weapons and other hard points and now have working in game meshes.

Texturing Tools

New Substance Painter plugin materials were created to enable us to add functionality and ease of use to our detail stamps.

The 160 detail stamps for the Asurans were also updated to include matching Normal, Height and ColorIDs that work together with the above material plugins, so that we can choose whether we want the flexibility of height information or the higher quality of direct normal map detail stamps. The plugins also support on the fly ColorID color reassignment which allows us to change/rearrange the material setup on any stamp before applying it in Substance.

The two plugins as well as the filter were made to be generalized so that they can be used for other factions as well once we have materials and stamps for them.

Icons and Strings

All Asuran and Human combat ships have received build menu icons as well as HUD icons. The Asuran ships now have names in game.

Release Date

We are on track for release sometime at the end of this month. I'll post an exact date once we have one. Those of you who requested a link to the Pre Alpha through Google Drive will receive the mod first. We will then post the mod here on Moddb for everyone else about two weeks later once we have some feedback.

Asgard & Asuran Voice Lines Survey

Hey everyone, I am advent4351 and I am SGI lead sound/music member. I plan to make a 2nd set of voice lines for the Asgard and Asuran races and decided I wanted to know the opinion from the fans on how I should proceed with that. I have created a survey that will be active for the next 3-4 months.


Just to give you an idea, i have moddb send me notifications on my phone browser solely due to this mod. I am so excited. Thank you guys so much.

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I have facebook, twitter and Moddb send me notifications solely for this mod as well. I love it.

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wait you can request a pre alpha?? cool!
and great to hear that things are on track :D

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rewatching all the stargate series.
can't wait to play this again :)

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