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The first WotW Status Update, including my development ethos, recent work, more mod information, Twitter details and contact information.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Way of the Wolf
Status Update #1


Welcome Stalkers, to the first Status Update for Way of the Wolf!

Within this new post I'll aim to let you know how the mod is progressing, give you some more information about it, and tell you about how you can follow development more closely or get in touch!

On with the article!

Mod Progress:

Creating the first Total Conversion for Call of Pripyat is a long process brothers, so I hope you'll appreciate the task that lies ahead and try to be patient!
I'm a believer in the idea of transparent development, so I'd like to keep you informed as to what I'm doing as much as I can, and as long as it won't spoil the end-result for you or slow down development significantly. Because of this, I'm hoping to do quite regular updates like this, hopefully with pictures and suchlike, so that you can see the mod is alive and well.

So, here's what I've been doing recently!

  • Working with the Cordon and Garbage levels to make them work nicely in the Call of Pripyat engine, as well as adding more detail to the levels.
  • Adjusting weather and environment effects to bring these levels to life.
  • Adding day-time godrays/sunshafts at times other than the early morning.
  • Adding 'smart-terrains' to the Cordon, as well as populating them with NPC squad spawns.
  • Adding 'camps' to the Cordon, where NPCs are able to perform tasks such as telling stories, playing guitar, eating, etc.
  • Working out how to add brand-new Trader NPCs to the Zone, with great success!
  • Working further on the mod Design Doc, timeline, key events, NPC and level design/implementation, etc.

I hope this is interesting - do let me know in the comments!

General Information:

I'm going to be re-introducing the 'Misc Corner' from my old CoP: Redux articles in the future, but for now, this section will do to give you a little more general information about the mod.

There have been reports of white-suited individuals attempting to find hidden laboratories around the Zone. They appear to be generally amiable, and when asked, call themselves the 'International Scientific Group'. They may be looking for experienced Stalkers to aid them.

Way of the Wolf will make use of an improved version of the Random Weapons System, as used in CoP: Redux. This means Stalkers will be assigned weaponry, ammunition and attachments randomly, based upon their faction and rank!

Twitter and Contact Information:

I am hoping to make much more use of Twitter while developing Way of the Wolf than I have previously, and I aim to make regular, small tweets on how development is going!

If you would like to follow development more closely, then why not Follow Me?

As well as this, if you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email at

And with that, we come to the end of another news article!
As always, keep an eye on the ModDB page, and now Twitter, for the latest WotW news.

Keep on Stalkan'

- Beacon


I am so stoked for this mod dude. I played through the final stable version of Redux and loved it just as much as I did testing it. I'm really excited to see SoC/CS content appear on the CoP engine and have no doubt that you'll bring the realism and fun as you have in the past.

I'm currently working on my own projects, but if there's anything a dedicated Redux fan can do to help just let me know. ;)

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Beac Author

Thanks mate. It's good to see you again, keep in touch more ;)

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Thumbs up for the status report!

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good gubbins!

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awesome on the status post :D

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This is great man! Really looking forward to this.

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