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I have made a lot of new changes since Ive posted the last Dev Diary article, A new weapon mod is being merged with other add-ons and the mod itself.

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{}Call Of Chernobyl 1.4 ZonaPobia Dev Dairy & Screenshots{}

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat Weapon Pack makes for a more enjoyable pace for the game, Unfortunately OWR v6 would just feel more like vanilla and this mod is to provide a new adventure in "The Zone".

The "Alife Revamp" from Tronex improves the NpC and Mutant squads that spawn within certain maps as intended, new mutant variants can be found more likely in the Zone now.

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Mutants {} Weapons {} Textures {} Music/Sounds {} UI {} Weather

I will be posting a few videos showing the new assets eventually.

ss lorvu 01 21 20 02 52 28 l01

ss lorvu 01 21 20 14 36 07 zatoss lorvu 01 21 20 02 29 43 l01ss lorvu 01 21 20 02 56 02 l01ss lorvu 01 21 20 14 37 57 zatoss lorvu 01 21 20 14 34 42 zatoss lorvu 01 21 20 14 38 30 zatoss lorvu 01 21 20 14 34 36 zatoss lorvu 01 21 20 02 20 38 l01ss lorvu 01 21 20 02 41 21 l01

These screenshots most likely will be pretty much what you'll be seeing at release, and also will add compatible optional add-ons after the release.

And one more thing to also say is that the mod seems to run very well without heavy lag spikes or crashes that you would normally com across in the regular Call Of Chernobyl release. Basically the only thing that might have helped with that is adjusting the amount of certain graphical assets applied to the game.


will this include Lootmoney?

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Vashba Author

Yes it will as an optional addon

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