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In this article you will find out more about the mages in Stage 3: Azaria and the powers you can use inside the game.

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We want to share with you one of the themes that really inspire us to make the kind of games we work on and that is: Magic!

In the Stage 3 universe, magic is controled by wizards who belong to the Sanctum Order. The purpose of this order is to train wizards and continue their family legacy by creating powerful mages that can serve as vital weapons in war times. Azaria is the leader of the Sanctum Order, therefore she has mastered the techniques like no other wizard in the realm has and the only one who can control all elements instead of just one. She's also able to control a secret element that we will share with you soon!

There are 4 main magic elements that can be controlled in Stage 3: fire, ice, lightning and earth. And today we want to show you what we have been working on with the fire element.


In Stage 3, the fire is considered the most powerful and destructive element of them all, as it provides offensive attacks only. Only people with pure and unstable emotions are chosen to fit the role of the Blazing Warlock inside the Sanctum order - the reason is because they are able to channel their emotions into a burst of offensive magic.

Blazing Warlocks give in to their emotions. They can be calm as the wind, and at the next instant they can burst into an uncontrollable anger. They're not reliable teammates in the battlefield, as when they are flooded by emotions, they become emotion itself.

Azaria is able to morph fire into two different spells called: Infernal Flames and Fiery Horizon. Depending on your situation you may cast one instead of the other or even use both. In the following videos you can see both spells in action, take note that things are subject to change as we still develop the game, its part of the progress to reiterate and change things as more people play it and give us their feedback!

Infernal Flames:
Infernal Flames is one of the most basic and effective spells that can be casted by wielding the fire element. The mastery of this spell is not an easy task, as many mages can cast this spell but their range, power, area and accuracy depends on the amount of training they have done.

Internal Flames Charging

This is a projectile type spell that has an arc trajectory. Used by Azaria, the range, power, and area will depend on how much time the spell has been channeled. The more you charge the spell, the more powerful it is and the further it can go. It also has a chance to inflict a burning effect on the enemies, setting them on fire.

While this spell is great for consistent long range area damage, it can be a little weak if not charged enough. This is where the Fiery Horizon shines, because its used best in close quarters combat.

Fiery Horizon:
The Fiery Horizon was created with the purpose of defending yourself when you are overwhelmed by enemies. You will automatically activate it just by using your hand and creating a motion with it. When you do, you will throw a powerful magic arc covered with fire that will defend yourself from enemies that get in your way.

Fiery Horizon

One of the core aspects of Stage 3: Azaria is that we want the player to experience something different than the traditional gaming can offer. By using the motion controllers, the player can really feel they are using magic instead of just pressing a button. And we really love the fact that the experience of using a VR can be very enjoyable and unique since it can give a fresh air on what we believe gaming is or can be.

That's it for this article, you can expect more articles for the rest of the spells, we can't wait to show you what we have been working on for the other elements!

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