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In this developer diary, Bane goes over the recently shown nemesis event and talks about what you can expect from Nemesis as time goes on.

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As you can see from the video the Nemesis Event is being engineered into a fun and engaging map that will allow players to use their skills to setup a game of politics and ambush, a tough station in itself to take down and as we tweak the effects and levels will require players to ensure they are keeping their target priorities set correctly as well as making the most of their heals.

Future Additions to the event:

Yet to be added is the shipyard that will also spawn near the station capturable in itself it will be able to produce powerful attack drone versions of the K'Tinga Class for a price that will aid you against your enemies once the station is destroyed! While attacking the shipyard during the event is possible it will likely cost you your fleet without much success!

Other items in Nemesis Edition:

We will be completing reworking the dominion faction and their synergy, currently, we feel that competitively people only seem to build either mass gor'taans or mass manticores and this is something we would like to look rectify by making the capital vessels of the dominion be the lynchpin in their fleet as well as still needing Cardassian ships!

More will follow on our plans for the dominion as we continue our development!


Looks awesome and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the Dominion.

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Do you guys have a discord?

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