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Small and fast tutorial about how to add admins in your server.

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How to add admins

A small guide about how to put admins in your servers (Works LAN and Dedicated)

Working in 1.6.1

  1. Open the game root folder and enter in _userdata_ folder
    Screenshot 1 2

  2. Open the radmins.ltx file
    Screenshot 2 1

  3. Add a new line at the end with the next format and fill it with your custom info:
    Screenshot 3


    username: This needs to match your nickname in-game, mayus doesn't matter but spaces does, so try to not use names with spaces.
    password: Your password to login as an admin in-game, put whatever you want but try to don't share it with anybody, theres a probability that maybe some guy can use your nickname and put the password and he will have admin rights.

    Screenshot 4

  4. Now open your console while in-game and put "ra login USERNAME PASSWORD" command and press Enter, admin console and rights will be given automatically.
    xrEngine 2021 12 11 19 23 07 935

  5. Enjoy your admins rights, you can now use only admin commands (They are listed below)
    xrEngine 2021 12 11 19 23 19 866

    NOTE: If you want to open again the admin console, repeat the ra login command again everytime.

Useful commands for admins:

  • demo_record 1
    Free camera mode

  • sv_kick
    Kick someone of the server by his nickname

  • sv_kick_id
    Kick someone from the server by his user id

  • sv_ban
    Ban someone from the server.

  • sv_playerlists
    Show a technical list of all the users from the server including their ID or IP
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