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Lots of composer hunting. I also implemented the new mouse cursor and the new animator started today!

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Soul Saga Cursor


Today's image has a bit less action, but it does show off a close up of the new Soul Saga cursor! I'm really liking how it ended up. I also learned the difference between hardware and software cursors today, and figured out how easy it was to implement hardware cursors into Unity. Moving to a hardware cursor fixed the laggy cursor bugs I had been speaking about in a previous blog.

I received some finished illustrations that turned out absolutely beautiful. It was hard to choose which one to use for my Desktop, but I came to a decision to use the one that depicts the world of Soul Saga. I'm still hiding these beauties from you until the big Kickstarter launch, but I will definitely share them with anyone who backs the project! They'll also have a big use in the Kickstarter video.

As usual for the past few days, I've been getting flooded with emails from composers. Most of my time is consumed with getting everyone up to speed on what I need, why I need it, and my theories behind what makes the example songs I give good.

Also, the new animator started today and will be doing a segment of Human animations. Once they are done I can finally start showing pictures of the humans again!


Tomorrow will undoubtedly be a lot more project management related tasks as I work alongside the animator and communicate with the possible composers. Because of the constant interruptions it's hard to stay focused on programming, so I will most likely just be preparing artwork and writing story and lore related details.

Day 58
( 2013/03/27 We )
10 hrs. Today ( 560 Total)

  • Backend

    • Cleaned up my messy desktop to see the beautiful new Soul Saga wallpapers!

      • Maybe I’ll share the wallpapers with backers on Kickstarter... hmm but I’m so selfish...
  • Frontend
    • Tweaked some build settings to allow for a resizable game window and the game running in the background.
  • Project Management
    • Exchanged emails with several composers regarding theme song.
    • Posted on different help wanted sites regarding a composer.
    • Exchanged emails with rigger.
    • Started work with new animator (Tom) and exchanged several emails before hand.
    • Built an animation example portfolio with videos and images.
    • Worked continuously with animator (Tom) to give feedback and add to the example portfolio.
    • Worked with artist (Ryuu) to get cursor image done and paid for.
    • Started to plan out the implementation of the questing system.
  • Research
    • Researched how to get responsive mouse controls. Found information on hardware cursors.
    • Researched how to take audio out of video to make animation example videos lightweight.
    • Researched how to stream video from website for use with animators.
    • Researched the build settings Unity offers.
  • User Interface
    • Implemented finished cursor image as a hardware cursor.
    • Removed the old software cursor.

Cursor looks cool- colours and design look good (blue seems to pop- which is good for a cursor). About the backgrounds/wallpapers- you could maybe have one as an entry/lower level backers reward as an option.... okay... I admit... I just want one lol! but honestly if they are awesome, it would be a nice thing to get as a backer even on top of other rewards. Glad to hear that things are taking off on the composer front. :)

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Disastercake Author

Hey A-Frique. =D The plan so far is to make the wallpapers a lower tier perk and above.

So far from my experience the cursor does pop, but also doesn't get too distracting. I sometimes have issues with games where I feel I start to lose sight of the cursor because it isn't noticeable in my peripheral vision (cursor too small or blends in with environment colors). I wanted to try to avoid that in Soul Saga.

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Yeah- I have a chance to get a wallpaper :P ! The cartoon-edging (toon style)on the cursor also helps make it distinct even on this little bit of background on the image. But overall it seems to fit in the overall style of the game (just comparing it with the images I have seen so far).

I know what you mean about cursors "disappearing"- it's little things like that that can eat away at a good immersive gaming experience.

It would be interesting to see how everything plays together and evaluate the experience.So far your choices look good.

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Disastercake Author

I agree, the little things really add up. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions once you get your hands on Soul Saga. =)

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At least while waiting for the game to land in my paws I can look forward to the kickstarter and all the goodies you are gonna reveal. :) keep on chugging - I will try and keep my feedback flowing too.

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