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Winter break is over and with it, our new procedural system for the world map along with new character models, equipment and UI elements.

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Winter break is over (for those who live in the south hemisphere) and with it our new procedural system for the world map. Far from what it was during the concept phase, the world is now a lot more alive with procedural shapes, textures and decorations, all based on the underling biome.

The World Map

An infinite procedural world to explore for resources and wonders. Each of its tiles features a biome with matching terrain, creatures and resources. At a later time, players will have the ability to colonize tiles, building a base of operations or simply a resupply outpost.

Movement in the world consumes provisions, actually 1 per tile traveled. Once depleted, your team will be forced to get back to its base and resupply.

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The UI displays basic info about a world tile like the biome, distance to us and if it's been claimed by other players. On the left we hover over the blue banner indicating a playing is exploring the tile. Since it is a public tile and the terrain player limit is 2, we could join by left clicking. On the left we hover over the tile borders and see the biome type and occupation status.


As you might notice, we are currently implementing quick status indicators for your characters. As mana, focus and stamina are quickly recovered when outside of combat, health will take a lot more time. Hp points are recovered by expending provisions while moving around or waiting in place.


New Models

Full plate fighters look cool yes, but lets face it, a little boring. Welcome our new beta models for girls and boys. By stripping most details from the base models, now armors and weapons will define the looks of your characters while correctly expressing their genders.

27 8   Screenshot   3

Character Equipment

Each of your characters can now equip tools, weapons and armor. From wood cutting to magic casting, all pieces of equipment provide the wearer with key stats affecting different tasks. Chose wisely and build your synergies as having inappropriate equipment can cripple your productivity and combat prowess.

27 8   Screenshot   4


In the following months we will be working on fulfilling our promise of an alpha demo. With the world map up and running only a few mechanics and some content is separating us from the first demo.

Stay tuned, join us on IndieDB and Facebook.

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