Ars Tactica is all about gameplay. Be it gathering resources, fighting, building or polishing you team, every step is always yours to decide. Inspired by Modded MC, FF Tactics and ToS, we aim for a game where all aspects can be enjoyed either solo or with friends. A game mixing high level goals, extensive customization and thoughtful mechanics with a procedural world and sandbox elements to ensure an endless adventure. Help us bring life to this garage prototype with your support.

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After months plagued with delays, Phd work, ever growing features and what not, the alpha demo is finally here!

Alpha demo? What the... is an alpha demo?
Right... lets make it clear. A demo usually means you get only a very short fraction of the game full experience, while alpha state means that some aspects of the game are yet to be developed.

Okay, I got the meaning now tell me what's actually in it.
This demo features a team of 3 characters with basic equipment and limited rations to navigate through the world. Your party can land on any tile to engage with the 7 types of monsters in unique terrains using 12 different skills. Your mission will be to find a low grade Shadow and eliminate it with the help of some piece of equipment monsters can drop.

Neat, does it have multiplayer?
Absolutely, this demo ships with your own copy of the game server. You can share your ip with some friends so all can jump in the same world and fight together... or against each other!

Sounds fun! So what is the stuff still missing?
As with any unfinished product, overall quality is not consistent and obviously lacking in some places. While combat and terrain systems are mostly done, we have planned at least 30 additional skills and a handful of extra biomes. On the other hand, the building, crafting and experience systems are yet to take form from the foundations already laid.

Windows version:
ArsTactica Demo - Win

Linux version:
ArsTactica Demo   Linux


Join us on discord for further help. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Now let me introduce you to all the new stuff we have been cooking.

UI Goodies:
Cost indicator overlay when an skill is selected.

Cost Overlay BCost Overlay A

Equipment and Inventory

Crossed action bar for skills and other actions.
General information and tool-tips for skills.

Skills, monsters and more...
This demo features 7 distinct monsters with... well... not-so-unique looks but certainly funny. Don't underestimate the innocent looking slimes as each variety has unique adaptations that can take you by surprise. Find a way to deal with the tricky shadow while definitely staying away from the man eater flowers. Cleverly combine the 12 available skills spread among 3 initial classes to succeed in your mission.

Monsters 1

Under the hood
A lot has changed on the invisible parts of the game. The whole world map and combat terrain were refactored to improve quality and speed using custom shaders. Even laptops with integrated graphics should be able to enjoy this demo and the entire game when released. Inventory, items and equipment got implemented along with monster and block drops. Network compression and some basic security safeguards were included along with a lot more of that boring programmer stuff we don't care about ;) (yes, we do)

Join us:

Twitter Logo BlueDiscord

Ars Tactica - Treacherous terrains

Ars Tactica - Treacherous terrains


With the end of the year approaching fast we are exited to share our progress on terrain generation. 

Ars Tactica - Some love for the world map

Ars Tactica - Some love for the world map


Winter break is over and with it, our new procedural system for the world map along with new character models, equipment and UI elements.

Ars Tactica - Fire, combat and more

Ars Tactica - Fire, combat and more


As April ends we are glad to show you all the progress made since the start of the year. The combat system is nearing a beta stage and some other mechanics...

Ars Tactica - 9 months and 10kloc later

Ars Tactica - 9 months and 10kloc later

News 1 comment

After almost ten months of (unfunded) development a lot has happened!! We are still not ready for early alpha but check out the progress so far.

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Ars Tactica Terrain Editor

Ars Tactica Terrain Editor

Mapping Tool

A first version of the creative/game-master Terrain Editor for Ars Tactica. Feel free to have some fun trying to break it. Any and all feedback will be...

ArsTactica Demo - Win

ArsTactica Demo - Win


This demo features a team of 3 characters with basic equipment and limited rations to navigate through the world. Your party can land on any tile to engage...

ArsTactica Demo - Linux

ArsTactica Demo - Linux


This demo features a team of 3 characters with basic equipment and limited rations to navigate through the world. Your party can land on any tile to engage...

Ars Tactica - Concept Demo

Ars Tactica - Concept Demo


This is a concept demo with 5-10 minutes of gameplay showing off some basic features of Ars Tactica, such as the character stats dynamics or the 2-level...



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Looks awesome.Tracking:)

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TieSKey Creator

Glad u like it. Tell your friends about us ;)

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Jun 13 2021

Big upgrade in world map visuals thanks to Unity's HDRP! (wish URP had support for light cookies and cutout thresho…

Jun 11 2021

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