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Just something for you guys to read will viewing my mod. Enjoy. :^)

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I don't know why they call it Endor, they should call it... Outdor.

Alright so recently I said I might return to modding at a more earlier time. I've been getting a lot of compliments about AaW, which by the way thanks guys, rather it's a suggestion or compliment, every little bit counts in my book. I might just. Anyway, to say I haven't worked on it at all would be a lie. Sense the last update I've changed a few things here and there, nothing too big or serious though. I've mostly been playing around with the original Forces of Corruption in my free time though. Like one time I used the planets and trade routes to spell my name and I slowly captured the galaxy until it spelled out Larry-3, another time I made all the star destroyers hull and shielding 1% where all my A-wings destroyed like 6 of them instantly in one strafing run.

Asking Questions when not trying
On a daily bases I'll have people write me and say those are some nice pictures you post of Alliance at War, who's this? And who's that? And what does this and that do? Try it out before you start doubting it. It doesn't hurt to try something new and if you don't like it I'm not forcing you to keep it. Personally I think a mod collection isn't complete without AaW.

How many planets does it have?
The version I posted should have 68 or 69 altogether. At least I think it was one of those. I would have to go back and check. Unless somebody wants to check for me.

How canon is it?
Other than the new Violet look, and my guest appearance in it, it's all cannon. I favor cannon, not fannon. The irony is I have one special unit in it, me.

Why did I stop modding?
Well I didn't stop altogether, just a really long break. I spent more time working on it than playing it. There was this one night where I stayed up to like two in the morning, believe it or not I traded in a night of skating and walking with my old friends just to work on it, just because I love Star Wars so much.

Well, nobody has reported any bugs or anything so I'm assuming that right now it's alright.

Well I think I've covered just about everything I could as far as questions go. Remember I don't ignore messages so if you all have anymore questions go ahead and ask.

All who love Star Wars are welcome here. :^)


"How many plants does it have?" LOL Well lets see we have a ficus, some ferns and oh! look! Geraniums!!!!

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Larry-3 Author

Ha, ha don't worry I'll fix it. :^)

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