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A couple of important bug fixes and improved logging.

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The Sneaky Upgrade is out. Bugfixes and small improvements. Everyone should update.

A nasty issue, which could cause the game to start windowed or fullscreen at a suboptimal refresh rate, is fixed. Thanks to noblehelm for reporting it.

An installer bug, which would impolitely confuse Italians with an error message and a path selection dialogue is fixed too. Thanks to Linda for reporting this issue. If your game locale is Italian, and you've previously given up on installing the SU, please try again now.

A bug causing weird-looking video on old graphics cards requiring power-of-2 sized textures...

Video bug on an old graphics card

...has been fixed for the original videos, at the expense of the briefing videos looking weird now (but only on this old hardware).

The installer will now by default disable desktop themes on Windows 10. There's some indication this fix is not as effective on Win10 but it's definitely still better than nothing.

Logging is now on the Info level by default, and both the current log file and the backup can be accessed through the start menu. The Windows version is now logged correctly for Win8.1 and Win10.

The in-game brightness setting is broken on Windows 10, with or without this patch. There's currently no fix for this.

The mods are unchanged, so to update an existing install the Standard Edition will do...

Sneaky Upgrade Standard Edition

For new installs, get the Fat Edition with the bundled mods...

Sneaky Upgrade Fat Edition

Finally the Editor Edition (for T3 mappers, not players) has been updated to include the new game exe...

Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition

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