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Small dev update on things i plan for this game.

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Finally the game got authorized, better late than never i guess.
I sort of expected a bit more entuhsiasm considering the great C&C fanbase here, but hell i wouldnt have the energy for this anyway, so all for the better for me.

Anyhow, development has slowed down a bit cuz of scripting issues, but im sure il overcome them in a few days.

I hope to make a beta relase somehwhere in march or february.

In other matters, i have been rethinking and might include dozers as a way for limited base construction with defences and walls. If things go well i might squeeze that in.

Aircraft might also make it in, tough its not feasable to have them have unlimited ammo and be controlable like regular units, perhaps it may be possible to have them commandable and fly off map again once they used up their ammo.

Both of these rely on a bounty system which makes things alot more complex from game mechanics side, but not from scripting luckely for me.

Once i made up i my mind i will update the discription properly and i also try to come up with a final name for this project and then add promitional stuff(banners icons etc).

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