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This update is to ensure that Moddb'rs know I am still working on this Mod. I took a week off due to real world issues, however, I have got a good start on another map for the Mod. 'Power Distribution' has seen a little more progress, but nothing worthy of a whole new set of screens. Area 2 of Power Distribution has had some work dont to it as well, but again with lack of detail and lighting adjustments to be made, as well as quite a few construction elements, no new screens are warranted.

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It is looking like some new screens will be available by early next week as one small area of this new map Ive started is just about ready for some screens. I wanted to post some tonight but the lighting isnt in place at all though a lot of detail is. Matter of fact Im going to shoot for screens on Sunday :)

Thats about it, I havent done much besides some mapping lately but rest assured, the Mod is not dead and work continues, sometimes at a snails pace and sometimes a bit faster.


I'd prefer you took all the time you needed to. It's really looking like a good play.

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