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The eighth major update to our role playing game, Slave RPG is out now!

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The next update in our upcoming title Slave RPG is out now and features a variety of new changes and improvements.

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Main Changes:

  • completely reworked the perks system and added 58 new perks
  • added two new explorable areas
  • reworked upgrading firearms
  • changed numerous older systems

Minor Changes:

  • changed the weather system to being persistent
  • adding multiple new notifications at the top of the screen
  • added various support for future systems

Perks Reworked

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We knew that the older perk system didn't allow for the greatest amount of player customization and did not allow for many different aspects of the game to be played with. So for this update we have added in 58 new perks, on top of the old 22 to make a nice and even 80 perks. We also changed perks to being separated into four different categories: general, combat, stat effect, and training. Any perk that affects the player indirectly of a specific area falls under the general tree, any perk that specifically affects combat in some manner falls under the combat tree, any perk that specifically changes the players core stat values falls under the stat effect tree, and finally any perk that allows the player to use a certain type if weapon or armor falls under the training tree.

New Areas


We feel as is we are beginning to wrap up on the ideas for mechanics in the game and have begun focusing more on the potential story and explorable areas in the game, and for this update we have two more of them. Grimburson and MacKiney are now both available to explore, and while they might not have much content in them yet, Grimburson will end up being a very important spot for the player in the post-game.

Upgrading Reworked


We know that firearms are a finnicy things in video games and while we cannot display them with the most accuracy, we do want to attempt and show them in a bit more accuracy than in previous versions. With this release we changed upgrading firearms from upgrading their base damage, to buying attachments for the specific guns. As of now only scopes and magazines are available for purchase, however we hope we can expand upon this in the future. We also fine tuned upgrading melee weapons and armors, and the overall upgrading system to be a little less buggy.

Older Systems Updated

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This update is not only another significant release, but the halfway point in development before the full release of the game. So with this, we have changed numerous older systems to help bring a little bit more of a polished feel. This changes include: replacing the radiation fog graphic with a particle based system, allowing the core stat Charisma to affect shop prices, changing item descriptions to being a little more clear and universal, adding more support for achievements and other extras, adding various new notifications to the top of the screen, expanding the help menu, and adding a few new random encounters.

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We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far and given this game a view at the least. As we move forward into development, we cannot wait to add in all sorts of new things to help make this game a one of a kind. We wish you all the best, and have a great day.

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