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The fifth major update to our role playing game, Slave RPG is out now!

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The next update in our upcoming title Slave RPG is out now and includes more random encounters and a lot of bug fixes.

SRPG 1 MainMenu

Main Changes:

  • expanded the amount of random encounters
  • added more usability to the journal
  • added more things to do in the arena
  • started adding more customization with items
  • improved a few different things in combat
  • some serious bug fixes

Minor Changes:

  • updated the endings to use the new UI system
  • added a few new sound effects and replaced an old one
  • added the ability for companions to take damage and die

More Random Encounters

We wanted to add a bit more life to roaming around the wasteland outside of just fighting random enemies and having the occasional bandit show up, so with this update we begun adding in new random encounters to come across. There are now three new militia encounters and a new slave beggar encounter, with these additions it will also mean that there are less likely combat encounters and support for new random encounters in the future.

SRPG 2 RandomEncounters

An Updated Journal

At some point we knew we were going to need to start adding in at least some form of a "quest" system, so we have also added a functional task system to the game. This doesn't necessarily add any new content, as all of the current tasks have already been in the game, but now you can actually view them and keep tabs on what all you can/should be doing. We also changed the notes section in the game from being notes that are found in the world map, to being player created notes.

SRPG 3 Journal

Expanded The Arena

Being one of the main things to do in the wasteland, we wanted to expand upon this and add more to do in general. Now when you visit the arena there will be daily challenges that may be a bit more difficult and add more variables to the arena, but also provide a higher payout than normal. You can also enter a "wave" based mode in the arena, that for the most part acts out normally, but instead of taking a break after fights you can consecutively fight for as high as you would like your wave mode score to be.

SRPG 4 Arena

More Out Of Items

We wanted to add more player customization when it comes to their equipment as well, so far we have had a very basic upgrading system, and hopefully in the future we can expand upon that, but for now at the least we added the ability to rename your weapons/armors when visiting a blacksmith/gunsmith/tailor.

SRPG 5 Items

Combat Improvements

It seems as though every new update has some significant change to combat and this one is no different. While combat still functions the same, the combat log has now grown, allowing for a full battle breakdown, rather than just displaying the last player/enemy actions. Companions also received an update with a NavMeshAgent so that they now actively either follow the player if they are defending, or follow the enemy if they are attacking.

SRPG 6 Combat

Bug Fixes

It would seem like somehow we managed to completely destroy several systems in the last update, so a major change in this update is simply addressing and fixing those issues. Among these fixes are the following: mods not working at all, companions being very buggy, attacking NPCs flat out not working, not being able to properly interact with Leaptown, the game intro animation looping, breaking the beginning cut-scene after creating the player character.

article 5

As we grow ever more near the midway point of development we would like to thank every one who has followed us on IndieDB, Itch, and Facebook for their wonderful support. We wish you all the best and have a great day.

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