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The final major update 2.0 has launched and with it a severe polishing and cleaning up of the game!

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The last (major) update for our role playing game Slave RPG is out now and features improvements to overall playability as well as cleaning up a lot of loose ends.

Final Screenshot 0

Final Screenshot 1


  • not as many additions as last time, but to start we did add a new tutorial system
  • plenty of additions to the UI including a new font type, notifications and additional weapon/armor graphics
  • a few new sound effects
  • a new combat option that effects random encounter frequency

Final Screenshot 4


  • this is the bulk of the final update, starting much like how the additions start, we completely changed the tutorial system, go figure!
  • plenty of changed to the UI as well, including resetting lists to start back at the top once their menu has been reset, revamping the color coding to be far more consistent across the board, enabling auto scaling for text components, reworking the combat menu design, etc.
  • changed/added to numerous descriptions to give clarity
  • optimized a TON of scripts
  • increased the default settings for combat to be faster
  • changed music and background audio to fade in/out instead of having harsh cut offs
  • changed the visual effects for: rain, trails, county borders, companions, etc.
  • changed ammunition counts to be saved and set properly instead of completely randomized
  • changed how player's notes work in the journal
  • changed radiation fog to be "truly" random instead of a few different preset fog layouts
  • re-balanced armor sets

Final Screenshot 10

Bugs Fixed:

  • much like the last update, around 50 bugs have been flushed out, some pretty minor, some very game breaking, but all around, a much smoother experience

Final Screenshot 8

This is it, we might still put out a few smaller updates depending on how many bugs remain, but we are pretty sure we got most of them with this. The game is still far from perfect, but compared to The Traveler Update, this is ending off on a much better note with us. As always we appreciate the support we have received from everyone and hope you all have a great day! (If you find any top secret illegal torrents of our games out there make sure to share them with friends, provided they don't contain any viruses.)

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