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The tenth major update to our role playing game, Slave RPG is out now!

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The next update in our upcoming title Slave RPG is out now and features new endings, extended story, and reworked mechanics.

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Main Changes:

  • added the ability to join the militia
  • reworked the combat menus
  • added more NPCs
  • added the ability to loot enemies after combat

Minor Changes:

  • changed enemies a good deal
  • added more items to the game

Joining The Militia

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With this new update the player now has more freedom with their post-game content with the added ability of joining the militia. This is complete with a new ending, an alteration to a previous ending, a new task, new NPCs, and new speech options for all NPCs.

New Combat Menus

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While we have been steadily improving upon combat for some time now, this newest change should help tie everything in together and improve on the flow of combat. Now all combat menus are composed of one large menu that can seamlessly transition to the other combat menus, very similar to how a lot of the older menus turned into. In addition to the new menu however, we have also added the ability to generally attack enemies, as well as a new combat mechanic of defending against enemies.

More NPCs

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With adding to the militias story in this update, we have also added three new NPCs across the wasteland to interact with. Two new militia members that are guarding the town of Grimburson, and a new militia leader that shows up in Graves every Sunday and Monday. A lot more support has also been added for new NPCs to make an appearance in future updates.

Enemy Loot

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Items have not always been the easiest thing to acquire in this game, but now there is a slight chance for enemies to drop more items to use! It's a pretty basic thing found in most other RPGs, but we finally got around to adding it in.

Enemy Changes

srpg 6 6

Enemies has also received a slight overhaul with this update, with new mechanics being put into place for them. Now some enemies are naturally immune to radiation fog, and all enemies now have dedicated classes that they belong to. In addition the enemy menus in combat and the bestiary have been reworked to display the new changes.

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Thank all of you guys yet again for the support, our last build 0.55 was our most downloaded and viewed yet and we could not appreciate it more from everyone. We wish you all the best, and have a great day!

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