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A detailed description of an area of the game I have been working on recently.

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Its been a busy couple of months and this development time has been spent on several different areas of the current level.


The name of the level in development currently is Sirius Infiltration, this level is my own recreation of the Crysis Village level.


I had to rework a large section of the level that just wasn't working out. most of the assets in that area had to be removed or redistributed to to other parts of the map. This was a bit of a setback to the development timeline I had set, but I believe the end result was worth it.

Also as seen in the images above the level lighting has gotten an upgrade.

I found an issue with the cryzenX shader mod with the time of day settings. I would set the level lighting, fog, etc in the editor to find it was reset to some default value in game. I was able to find a workaround for this so I can setup proper lighting, fog, etc in the level.

With all of the major changes out of the way I expect to have the level completed in 1-3 weeks barring any other major issues along the way and will release it when finished.

some areas that need to be fully completed before release include

- AI in the final mission objective,this is working but needs some work to be consistent

- cleanup of some animations in the final cut scene

- refine the encounter with enemy ai at one of the entry points to the village.

Which brings us to the tutorial section of this update.

Mission Objectives:

Mission objectives are objects that define where and when a mission is activated and also completed.

reach village objective

You will see on the right that the mission objective object has parameters to be defined.

Crysis has a mission file called "Objectives_new.xm" l located in the crysis/game/gamedata.pak file, and located in the sub-folder "libs/ui".

This file defines all of the mission objectives for all levels in the game.


For objectives to work in our levels, they have to be added to this file. Crysis seems to only look in this file and ignores the ones in the mod folder, so it is necessary to save a modified version of this file with our objectives included.

the entity properties of the mission objective object allow to select one of the mission objectives in the xml file for that objective object.

objective params

Once done you can add the mission objective object to a flowgraph and activate/deactivate it.


Mission objectives are simple if your level has completely linear progression, but if making it dynamic it gets complex.

One easy way I found to make a dynamic objective setup is to use a logic:blocker node.

This can tell the mission object to only activate or not activate a mission of another mission is already completed.


That's if for now, as stated look for the release of the Sirius_Infiltration level within the next 1 - 3 weeks if no major issues come up. Thanks again for your interest in my mod!


Very good!

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