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Weapons + Ammunitions + Objectives = Embrace the mayhem.

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Ahoy buccaneers.

Long time no see. We are still sailing on the tumultuous seas of game development.

So, what happened during those last months?

Shipbreakers demo 4.1:Mayhem Increases Awesomene

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The new demo

The demo includes several new features :

  • 12 secrets objectives
  • an updated score system
  • the score has a combo feature
  • the weapon system is now based on you score. The more gold you get, the sooner the new weapons will be available.
  • your opponents drop ammunition for your weapons. Be sure to collect the crate before the sharks eat them.

Shipbreakers 2018 03 23 11 42 05

Shipbreakers 2018 03 23 11 22 52

Shipbreakers 2018 03 23 11 23 37

Shipbreakers 2018 03 23 11 23 47

Shipbreakers 2018 03 23 11 41 57

The Made In Asia convention

The crew presented the game to an excited audience during the 10th Made In Asia convention in Brussels in March. The feedback was great. Some of the visitors played more than 15 minutes in a row. For our short demo, it's long. Others even came back for more. This comforts us in our design decisions.


Shipbreakers demo 4.1:Mayhem Increases Awesomene

What next ?

On April 14th, we will present the game during the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival).

We will shortly add some persistence between runs. You will gain XP and invest it in your ship to unlock new features and boost your stats.

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