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Dev Update #4 - New features, plans, new screenshots and release date.

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Hello everyone !

Some time passed since the last update, but the project is still alive and is finally slowly approaching completion. Here are some new informations/plans:

General info

3/4 of the mod is currently finished (or 3 islands of 4). The finished mod will have 72 maps (this includes intro maps, outro maps, cutscene maps, secret maps and multiplayer maps) divided into 14 chapters/hubs (the first one had 60 maps and 11 chapters) with two slightly different stories depending on which rebel group the player chooses to stay in. The difficulty settings have changed a bit - currently it has 3 - very easy, easy and standart. In very easy mode ambushes are much easier to deal with, health items are used automatically to avoid dying and keys are shown on the map. In easy mode ambushes are easier, keys are shown on the map and on standart ambushes are as intended and above mentioned bonuses are not available. Recieved damage, numbers of items in maps remains the same in all of them.

Beta testing/release date

The mods shoud be finished by the end of this year and the testing should begin in late December/early January but due to the lenght of the mod I do not know how long the testing will last (and how many people will participate in). But I think the mod should be out in the 1/4 of 2021.

Voice acting ?

Since this is a story focused mod with a lot of dialogues in text form I´m thinking about including voice acting to spice things up. I had already asked a few friends of mine who worked with me on the original SOTP for Stranded II and they said yes, so I am curious where this will end up.

New pickup/inventory message system

It is slightly more advanced than the original, which i found to be rather dull and very hard to change in my case. Besides telling the player what he/she picked up it also warns the player when the inventory slots are full. In case of full inventory the surplus item/weapon is dropped on the ground, where it can be picked up again later on. The messages are also bigger and use a different font.

Screenshot Doom 20200907 150727

Lockpicking minigame

A simple acs minigame which I originaly wrote as an experiment for myself. Since it works rather well I decided to add it into the mod. The goal is to press a key when the number in the box changes to 10. If the player makes a mistake, the whole table resets and the player has to start all over again.

Screenshot Doom 20200907 152212

New screenshots from various maps:

Screenshot Doom 20201003 175617Screenshot Doom 20201024 120058Screenshot Doom 20201024 120439Screenshot Doom 20201024 120047Screenshot Doom 20200820 001723Screenshot Doom 20201024 120617Screenshot Doom 20201024 120447Screenshot Doom 20201024 115505

That´s all for now, but stay tuned for future updates !


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