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working on 3d modeling texturing and concept art, everything is made by me, using krita for hand-painted textures and blender 2.79 for modeling and animating

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hi every one , first time ever posting her , so if ther something i miss , please note me

so for the last 2 months iv been working on a project face 111 , its a project that devoted to learning and teaching others how to create facial expression using blender shape keys and controlling them throe Riggs

i even made a thread on :

the project is one giant project, even though it,s not done yet, i am aiming to create and sell my services , on 3d character modeling , texturing , animating , and creating facial expression , all ready for both , animations projects or video-game use ,

you can check my art-station for more

or check my you-tube :

i made a question on . regarding the pricing of this kind of stuff,

it would be nice if you just give it a check

so my question is, if i am ever to do this for someone in the future, how much will you think i should get payd for it, ?
i was thinking maybe like 100 - 200 $
but i am not sure, what do you think,

if your interested :

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