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After quite a bit of testing, we're sure there isn't a problem on regular quake3.exe or ioquake3.x86.exe. Looks like my custom build has the problem. No free entities glitch found with the new bot grappling AI.

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I built ioquake3.x86.exe myself with cygwin using gcc. I jumped the gun a little, and it looks like the game is running good. I've had no crashes in CTF, or in FFA games. Enjoy, and I'll see if I can fix the engine... it would be nice to have all the AI changes available to the public.

After a friend tested the AI version, a bug was reported. For some reason, it hadn't shown up during my testing. I had some suspicions, and played with some possibilities. So far there's nothing I really want to use. I believe I've narrowed it down to the BFG. The bots never used the BFG before the new code, and unfortunately it seems to be causing problems. This is with 3 bots and 1 player, and may not occur as long as the game has all humans and they all don't use the BFG at once...

I'd hate to ban the bots from using the BFG, and I'll see what I can do. The best solution seems to be to ban the BFG. I will get a fix ASAP and replace the current .qvm. This may be a problem in the other version as well. So heads up.

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