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Unfortunately we are again in need of the comunity's help; As the animators from our team have moved to a full time work and can't find the time to work on bzs.

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Back to the books

The most starts at university in this month, some does later and others sooner, but for the BZS team, we will be busy with a lot of stuff ahead from now, hopefully still able to progress with the guys on the team now.

Naomi Hunter and Noodlesmcfatty have (un)fortunately become full time job both of them, and won't have time to work on BZS anymore, before they left, they rigged ichigo and made an idle and running animation of him.
Except from some trouble with the animations on the halflife model, which Robo_killa have fixed by now, the animations were really nice, and we are thankful for their contribution.
We intent to upload some video soon showing them, either in game or using renders.

Time's missing feature

Although the sands of time in POP can revert time, and TimeShift can stop time, somebody forgot to add that feature to the time() function in our real-time-development lives.

It have been difficult for us to keep the progress running as well as we had hoped, and BZS isn't a small project after all, that means our flow have been slower and lower prioritized, all going in a spiral downward.

We want to change that, cause we would like to make this mod; However the fewer we are to "work"(not just being a member) the less we can do, and the less motivating it becomes.

However, when we releases an article, the statistics shows that a minimum of 1000 people in 1-3 days have been visiting the moddb page. So if you really hope that this mod will be made, then i humbly ask you, that you tell every c++ coder, animator and sound developer, that we have a lot of space in the mod that we need to fill out and we want to expand.

Unless we get a team to compensate for everyones calender, the development time will simply be longer than duke nukem: for never.

To update you with our current progress, it looks like this:

  • Eliasr, working with jump code 99.999% done < everyone who can share a variable between a .cpp and .c file, send me a mail >
  • Elisha464: working with VGUI
  • Robo_killa: working on a new model
  • Denny, returning to UK mid september
  • Shira: freelancing, we currently aren't in need of a lot of maps, so he is on free hands.
  • Some others: well either some joined for fun or they are just doing random stuff.

Hopefully we will gain some new members and get back on track, meanwhile have fun,

kazumo - - 1,174 comments's good to hear that the mod isn't dead! :D

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eliasr Author
eliasr - - 515 comments

Yeah, and we can still work, but we still need some who wants to work with animations, music/sound - these sections are quite independent.

Some people have a bad habit of joining a mod and then leaving silently afterward, we only had few of those, but it waste a lot of time, and the possibility for others.

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Sandi - - 199 comments

you should consider asking for help from esf team cuz this is their final release of the esf

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eliasr Author
eliasr - - 515 comments

Thanks for your suggestion, I will look into it a little later.

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Sandi - - 199 comments

cant wait for that video to see it keep up the good work and i m sure that you will get new members soon just dont die!!!

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