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We're inviting the community to apply to become testers and gain instant access to Failure: NeuroSlicers. Continue Reading for details.

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Salutations Slicers and a happy new year to you all.

It's Milcho, gameplay programmer, lead designer and officially the 2nd best Failure: NeuroSlicers player, if the tournament we just finished is anything to go by. Great achievement when you consider we currently have a player base of 8 people!

But enough about my accomplishments in life, it's time for a big announcement:

We are looking for three more Sentries!

Sentries are people at the core of our community who help us make the game better in all sorts of interesting ways and get some nice perks to boot.

Here are some of the responsibilities that we expect from a Sentry member:

  • Dedication - This is probably the most important part. We need to know that we can rely on you for playtesting and feedback
  • Playing a ton - You need to have the time to learn the game inside out, striving to become the best of the best. Using all tools that the game provides to achieve your goals.
  • Patience - This is a game in development which will have an infinite amount of problems before it releases (and probably after - no game is perfect). You need to be able to bear with us while we're addressing them.
  • Give useful feedback - Contrary to popular belief, giving constructive feedback is not easy. It takes effort. You don't need to be good at in the beginning, but you need to be accepting of criticism and learn how to do it better.
  • Help us grow the community - spread your knowledge of the game to anyone willing to ask/listen. Furthermore, these extra rules apply

As a "Sentry", you will:

  1. Immediately get access to the current version of the Game.
  2. Do regular playtesting sessions where we try out new features and balance changes.
  3. Give direct feedback on any aspect of the game, which we'll be looking at closely.
  4. Wait a ton of time until the next build, because we have 1 Gameplay Programmer.
  5. Receive a free digital copy of the game once it launches.
  6. Receive an exclusive "Sentry" Badge/Banner/Portrait once the game launches.
  7. Be in the Game's Credits.
  8. Be able to help us out demoing the game at shows such as EGX Rezzed, Pax and more (We’ll get you in for free and even buy you lunch!)

If you want to help us throughout the development of Failure and you're happy with the requirements and responsibilities, make sure to take part in a Survey that we're launching this Friday (19th Jan 2018) over on our Discord Channel:

You will have about a week to complete it (until 00:00 AM UTC 28th Jan 2018). The three new Sentries will be announced on 2nd Feb 2018.

If you already completed the previous Survey but were not chosen, you can send me a message to confirm that you want to be considered again using your old Survey.

Good Luck and looking forward to chatting to you all over on the Discord.

Milcho and the Dream Harvest Team.

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