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NeuroSlicers is a highly tactical cyberpunk RTS that turns the genre on it’s head by focusing on fast, macro driven gameplay, arena based maps and a multiplayer driven narrative - Control clever AI powered units, use powerful hacking abilities that allow you to manipulate the battle boards and Spawn advanced weaponry and buildings that allow you to take over the network one data node at time.

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Cyber warfare just stepped up a gear. Battle it out in highly tactical real time PVP warfare with NeuroSlicers - a genre-defying new competitive real time strategy game coming out for PC / Mac / Linux and Select Consoles.

With advanced AI powered units and environment manipulation at its core, NeuroSlicers offers a set of truly fresh challenges for both the seasoned competitive player as well as those looking for a deep narrative driven strategy gaming experience.

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Combine a wide variety of highly customizable abilities including clever AI controlled units, upgradeable buildings and most importantly, hacking powers that allow you to manipulate the battle space, reconfiguring the environment and influencing the behaviors of both your and the enemy's units and buildings.


Unlock the secrets of the NeuroNet and the corporations vying for control in a multiplayer driven narrative and ultimately make a decision who to side with as the war of the NeuroNet escalates.

In NeuroSlicers you are a lone hacker looking to become the best Slicer in the network, but the truth hidden in it's depths might mean you're fighting for more than

just your share of cryptocurrency.


  • Physically manipulate the battlegrounds, changing their layout which in turn influences unit AI and building line of sight.
  • Units are completely AI controlled with players only able to influence their behaviors through the use of their powers
  • Refocused gameplay from micromanagement to macromanagement, breaking down the barriers that often stop people from playing RTS games.
  • Wide variety of units, buildings and hacking powers available to players allowing them to customize their loadouts to suit their play style.
  • Deep narrative experience tied to multiplayer progression. Unlock the truths hidden in the data you collect and see the Factions for who they really are and ultimately determine the future of the NeuroNet and the world beyond.
  • Fast paced, highly competitive gameplay that's quick to pick up and fun to master.
  • Deep player progression that's tied to ability and visual unlocks, narrative and ultimately the end game content which focuses on the Faction war between the three Corporations and the player's position among their ranks.
  • Dedicated Servers

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NeuroSlicers started life as an internal game jam game developed by Milcho Milchev, our lead designer and gameplay programmer. Initially the game was in 2D with the simple mechanic of being able to place or remove squares from a grid based battle board where two teams of little Ai controlled bots would fight it out.

The player's objective was to manipulate the battle board by placing and removing these blocks in order to change the behaviors and pathfinding of the bots and get them to be strategically placed so that they could destroy the other team before the player's team died. It all centered around placement, timing and positioning. It was simple, yet elegant and we very quickly realized we were onto something special.

Since the first prototype we have continued to keep the AI controlled units and battleboard manipulation at the core of the game's experience while expanding on it immensely. This has culminated in a real time strategy game that feels truly fresh, exciting yet challenging, but most importantly a lot of fun to play.

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Hey Everyone!

It's been a fair while since our last newsletter update.

Firstly I'd like to apologise for this, it's been a hectic few months since the end of the Pre-Alpha and most of that time has been spent trying to secure additional funding and doing a big project refactor in preparation to begin working towards the Alpha.

We are now ready to start sharing our development journey with you again, that means a few things will be happening over the coming months; continue reading to find out what's in store......


Last week we did a big Livestream where Justin and Milcho discussed what we've been up to since the pre-alpha and talked in detail about the systems and content we're working on for the Alpha. There was a lot to cover.

Check it out by clicking the image below.


From the beginning of October, we're restarting the Streaming schedule again!.

That means that almost every day of the week we'll have something for you to enjoy and get a closer look of our journey developing NeuroSlicers. Be sure to follow / Subscribe to our Twitch channel to get updates and know when we're online.

Here's the updated schedule - Do take note that these might change if they need to. We'll update everyone on the Discord on the day though:

Monday 9PM BST:
Gameplay Coding With Milcho

Tuesday 9PM BST:
No Stream (Team Meeting)

Wednesday 9PM BST:
Playtesting With The Sentry Team

Thursday 9PM BST:
Art With Loic / Audio With Justin or Dan

Friday 9PM BST:
Audio With Justin or Dan / Art With Loic

Saturday 9PM BST:
Graphics and AI Coding with Sven

Sunday 10PM BST:
Couch Co-Op / Board Gaming Night with the Dream Harvest Team

We'll be sure to upload all these streams to our Youtube, so be sure to follow, subscribe and hit the little bell icon there so you know when we upload new content.


In addition to the new Live streaming schedule, we have a number of cool dev blogs planned over the next few months that cover the whole breadth of what we've been doing the past few months and what we're planning to do moving forward. Here's a little preview of some of the topics:

Technical / Code - Sven & Milcho

  • Server Backend Systems, Why We Built Our Own
  • The Scene Core & Level Loading Tips, Optimizing Workflows
  • AI & Path-finding System Design & Optimization

Design & Community - Justin & Milcho

  • The Importance of Empowering Users and The Community
  • Pushing Boundaries With Unconventional System and Game Design In An RTS
  • The Commercial Pitfalls And Challenges Of Reshaping and Innovating a Genre

Audio Implementation / Sound Design / Music - Justin, Sven & Dan

  • Sound Design Based Music Production & Interactive Music Design
  • Automated AI Powered Dialogue Production System
  • From FMod To Wwise, Comparing Audio Middleware

Art Process / 3D Modeling / Concept Art - Loic

  • Using Automation In The Art Pipeline to Create AAA Quality Art Assets
  • Creating Art Assets In VR / A New Perspective On The Creative Process

Ravings Of A Mad Bulgarian - Milcho
This is Milcho's rant blog where he talks about.....well, whatever is on his mind at a particular moment; but it's usually to do with the how damn hard it is to make games and how we're all a bit insane trying to build them.

We're looking to get one of these out to you every couple of weeks if possible. Now that Milcho has gone full time again and Loic is due to go full time again early next month we should be able to get a lot more content in front of you.

We've not decided yet where these will be posted, but keep an eye on our Twitter to see when they go live.


The one thing that seems to be on the communities lips, and has been for quite a while since we teased the system are Stances. This is the much-anticipated core gameplay system that allows you to focus on very different resource systems and play styles during matches and adds not only a new core set of abilities for each Stance but also the much alluded to upgrade systems for Scripts and a load of other cool features.

Now that Milcho has gone full time and actually started implementing the systems for this we're going to be able to start showing you the system in action very very soon. But in the meantime, here are some photos of Milcho building his desk in Justin's home office


In other news, we are super happy to announce that Danny Wadeson has joined the Dream Harvest Team as a Narrative Designer. Danny is probably best known as the writer behind the highly anticipated cyberpunk adventure game, The Last Night, but he's contributed to quite a few other games that you've probably heard about including hit CGC game, Duelyst, upcoming stop-frame animation adventure game Harold Halibut, Abandon Ship and lots more.

Check out his website here:

Also, don't forget to wishlist this awesome looking game on their Steam Page by clicking the image below. Support cyberpunk games! :P


Last, but not least, we want to congratulate Discord community member 22144418 (Yep, that's their real username!) for their winning submission, TROJAN.

There were a lot of very cool ideas submitted and it was really hard to make a decision. You can read through all the submission in our Competitions Channel on Discord.

22144418 walks away with an awesome Bit.Crash Hoodie and Art Print along with a Key for the Game on Launch!

Want a chance to win some cool swag? Then be sure to join our Discord for our exclusive competitions!JOIN DISCORD

That's it for this month. Thanks for reading everyone and we'll catch up again next month. In the meantime, we hope to see more of you over on Discord, on Twitter and Twitch and maybe at an event in the near future.


Justin & The Dream Harvest Team

The Neuroslicers Pre-Alpha Mid-Point - Epic Cool Content And Cyber Development Sorcery

The Neuroslicers Pre-Alpha Mid-Point - Epic Cool Content And Cyber Development Sorcery

News 2 comments

We take a look at all the cool updates we've done to NeuroSlicers since the Pre-Alpha started on the 13th April as well as taking a look to the future...

The NeuroSlicers Pre-Alpha Launches on the 13th April and you're all invited!

The NeuroSlicers Pre-Alpha Launches on the 13th April and you're all invited!


Hey Everyone, The time has finaly come! The NeuroSlicers Closed Pre-Alpha will launch on Friday 13th April at 6PM UTC And you're all invited!

Reading Comic Con and Our Partnership with GTR (Global Top Round)

Reading Comic Con and Our Partnership with GTR (Global Top Round)


It’s been a fun couple of weeks at Dream Harvest towers. Events, new partners, and a mini tournament….. oh, and we’re getting closer to launching...

Sentry Invite Round 2 - Gain Instant Access to Failure: NeuroSlicers and help shape the game.

Sentry Invite Round 2 - Gain Instant Access to Failure: NeuroSlicers and help shape the game.


We're inviting the community to apply to become testers and gain instant access to Failure: NeuroSlicers. Continue Reading for details.

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Art stream in 1h: Xanctuary faction character design over at: #cyberpunk

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RT @Dream_Harvest: Daily art 11: storyboard sneak peek on the intro #cinematic #indiedev #conceptart

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Daily art 11: storyboard sneak peek on the intro #cinematic #indiedev #conceptart

Oct 17 2018

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Oct 15 2018

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