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Sector Six has entered the final stage of development!

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Sector Six has entered the final stage of development!
I was planning to release two more story missions and then work on the last Early Access update, but decided that it will better to release them with that last update.

Instead of posting traditional echoes weekly, now I will post short summaries of what I've done and update to-do list whenever I reach the next development milestone.

Let the countdown begin!



  • Mission XI.
  • Veteran's ballistic attack is now slower.
  • Improved dialogue system graphics.
  • Oesa's Radiance set effect changed, now base maximum armor is equal maximum ether.
  • Damage bonuses now are applied to damage while Lodeon's Ultimatum set is active.
  • Fixed and improved certain set descriptions.

Remains to be done:

  • Mission XII.
  • Mission XIII.
  • Mission XIV.
  • Broken Infinity endgame activity.
  • Restoration War endgame activity.
  • Relics.
  • Relic dismantling rewards.
  • Shared stash in Deep Path to transfer items between player characters.
  • Five of the Eight Machines.
  • Improve the implemented Machines.
  • New save system.
  • 49 new achievements.
  • Full Sector Six map.
  • Rework certain achievements.
  • Rearrange achievements in the achievement interface.
  • Rebalance ability point distribution.
  • Cap ability points.
  • Increase starter ability points to 10.
  • Increase starter part limit to 10.
  • Decrease starter maximum ether to 50.
  • Rework Phase Recognition system and phase properties.
  • Rework Aggression, Resistance, and Capacity.
  • Rework starter equipment.
  • Rework Cataclysm ability.
  • New part properties.
  • Better part names.
  • Side mission dialogues.
  • Better default controls.
  • Ability to reset controls to default.
  • Ability to reset settings to default.
  • Ability to toggle side mission dialogues.
  • Settings interface improvements.
  • Fix stack buying glitch.
  • Reposition mission interface.
  • Rework achievement interface.
  • Reset difficulty level.
  • Lock modular difficulty system if the player level is lower than 3.
  • Fix W. warning button tooltip offset.
  • Virtual / physical weapon clarification / stats.
  • Stat page improvements.
  • Connection strength near avatar picture.
  • Adapt backgrounds to screen shaking.
  • Dismantle all/Uninstall all buttons should have a tooltip.
  • Holding shift button to dismantle / sell just one item from the stack.
  • Looting improvements.
  • Improve Techamer's cell.
  • Rework loot box.
  • Fix loot box stackable item glitch.
  • Improve artifact carrier.
  • Rework mission III. Again.
  • Improve siege mission.
  • Improve arena mission.
  • Reposition item management buttons.
  • Fix dialogue clash with HUD glitch.
  • Expand dialogue box.
  • Improve shield particles and animations.
  • Improve MDS decorative map in mission select screen.
  • Fix Lodeon's ship glitch when skipping intro cutscene.
  • Intro logo skipping inconsistency.
  • Improve mission I.
  • Improve alloy containers.
  • Remove filled alloy containers.
  • Make Awakening Of Inner Power support all missions.
  • Fix Guardian Of A Thousand worlds + Concentrated Fire effect timer graphical glitch.
  • Ability to reduce the power of MDS modifiers while they are disabled.
  • Improve ability bar.
  • Add map decorations.


  • 70 days.


  • 8% of the tasks completed.
  • I'll post again when the percentage will reach 20%.

Until then!

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